Sailor StarHealer - Yaten Kou

Kou Yaten is snobby, sardonic, and cute, attracting a crowd of admirers wherever she goes. As with all three Starlights, she dresses in male clothing when in normal form, and is normally a female senshi, Sailor Starhealer. Of the Three Lights, Yaten is the least patient and the most abrasive.
Sailor Starhealer
Yaten's first priority is not politeness. She's got a bit of an attitude, and it grates on people. On her first day at school, she puts down Usagi's kanji and insults Michiru's choice of lipstick color. (And boy, was Michiru angry about that...) She's blunt and completely tactless, and yet she can be utterly charming when she wants to be.

Isn't it odd that she who's named Healer is the one who seems to care the least about others' feelings? She blows off the fans who chase after her, and everyone else too - even her fellow Starlights. Her hobby is photography, and apparently she does modeling as well; she pays a lot of attention to style.

Healer-chan SailorStarhealer is the shortest of the Kinmoku Star senshi. Her henshin phrase: "Healer Star Power... Make Up!" Her attack is "Star Sensitive Inferno," which although not as cool as Seiya's, is a darn sight more dignified than Taiki's. Apparently the name "Kou Yaten" translates to "Light of the Night Sky."

Yaten's the second most popular of the Three Lights, among Sailormoon fans. (Seiya takes first place, of course, since she has the most redeeming qualities.) Maybe it's easier to love the annoying one (Yaten) instead of the distant one (Taiki)... I don't know. Personally, I rank her right with Taiki. Both Yaten and Taiki take a firm second place to Seiya in the manga, and their characters really don't get much action before they get killed.


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