Kaolinite Before the coming of the Death Busters, Kaoli was just a laboratory assistant to Professor Tomoe. He was busy rebuilding the body of his daughter when a sudden storm arose. Lightning struck and knocked Kaoli to the ground; when she got up, her eyes were sparkling with a strange inner light. She now had a new identity: Kaolinite, of the rank Magus - and servant to Master Pharoah 90. Her duty: to prepare the Earth for the Master's coming.

Kaolinite has long red hair, bound up in a high ponytail and wound about with a braid. When in human form as Kaoli, she usually dresses in white; when operating as Magus Kaolinite, she sports a tight, revealing black outfit and carries a staff with the black star of the Death Busters on top. She also wears black earrings and a large black pendant.

She communicates with Pharoah 90 via a reflecting pool, hidden at the top of Mugen Gakuen. She also has the power to divine things in the pool; she can see images from cameras and call forth visions of people. She foresaw the coming of the three talismans and how they would bring the ruin of the Death Busters; she swore that she would find these talismans and destroy them.

Kaoli spies on Hotaru When Professor Tomoe founded Mugen Gakuen, Kaolinite became its president and dictated the policy ruling the school. She also moved in with Tomoe, much to the displeasure of his daughter; she helped him build daimons in the lab. When Tomoe planted daimons in Mugen Gakuen students, Kaolinite had the power to call the daimons forth. The Witches 5 worked under Kaolinite's direction; whenever they needed assistance, Kaolinite had the power to call daimons to aid them. However, she didn't care for them very much; she didn't grieve when the senshi destroyed them.

The person that she did care for was Souichi Tomoe; she cared deeply what he thought and her feelings were hurt when he didn't understand her. Tomoe, however, did not seem to return her feelings; his attention was focused on the creation of the "superhuman" and the coming of Pharoah 90.

When Mistress 9 finally appeared, Kaolinite was relegated to a secondary role. Mistress 9 told her to kill the senshi, and she promptly went after them. She cast a curse on the inner senshi, hypnotizing them into thinking that the Witches 5 were once more alive and attacking them; however, Sailormoon and the outer senshi managed to break through her spell.

Sailormoon rushed up to Kaolinite and confronted her; Kaolinite became a giant daimon and attacked. Sailormoon cried "Rainbow Moon Heartache" - and Kaolinite exploded in a burst of light.

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