The Witches 5

The Witches 5 actually were six in number, but since two of them were almost the same person, they don't really count as individuals. The Witches worked under Kaolinite to prepare the Earth for Pharoah 90. Their tasks included devoting students' minds and bodies to the cause, and fighting off the Sailor senshi. Each of them carried a staff topped with a black star, the symbol of the Death Busters. They are (in order of appearance) Eudial, Mimete, Viluy, Tellu, and the twins Cyprine and Pucherol.

"I will teach the students the rules of this school." - Eudial, Act 25

Arimura Yuuko Eudial is the first of the Witches 5 to face the senshi; at level 78, she is also the second weakest. She has power over fire, and dresses her red hair in two long ponytails. As Arimura Yuuko, she taught philosophy and etiquette to the students of Mugen Gakuen. She led the new Mugen Gakuen students to a camp on Mount M, where she instructed them in the martial arts. The girls sneaked into the camp and ran into Haruka; Makoto challenged him. They sparred, and Haruka dumped her on the ground. Eudial came up and asked what was going on; Haruka shrugged and said that he was chatting with these other students. Eudial just nodded. "Ah," she replied.

That night, Rei felt something and shook Makoto awake. They sneaked to a clearing, where Eudial stood near a roaring fire. After purifying their bodies with water, Mugen Gakuen students stood in a circle around her. Smiling, she told them that this was the new student orientation: that they would dedicate their minds and bodies to the founder of the school, Master Pharoah 90. The black star staff appeared in her hand, and she held it up; black stars appeared on the students' foreheads as their eyes went black. Their spirits began to float up, joining the bonfire as it roared hungrily towards the sky.

Rei and Makoto transformed and challenged her. Eudial introduced herself as a witch of the Death Busters, and appeared in her tight black witch uniform; she blasted energy at the two senshi. Rei countered with fire - but Eudial transformed into a Medusa-like monster, and attacked again. The other senshi joined them, and Sailormoon blasted Eudial into pieces. The black stars faded from the students' foreheads, leaving them collapsed moaning on the ground; the senshi are left wondering who the "Death Busters" are.

More about Eudial:

"I would do anything for this school. I would even sacrifice my body. Won't you?" - Mimete, Act 26

Hanyu Mimi Mimete is the next of the Witches to come up against the senshi; at level 40, she is the weakest of the five. As the golden-haired singer Hanyu Mimi, she teaches the entertainment classes at Mugen Gakuen. (Yes, they do have entertainment classes there - they have everything there.) Also, Minako tells us that Hanyu Mimi is a popular singing idol.

Mimete promised Kaolinite that she would use her angelic singing voice to acquire souls for the Master; she also suggested using Michiru as a vessel. Kaolinite cautioned her to be careful. Mimete held a concert for Mugen Gakuen students only; however, Minako managed to transform into a Mugen Gakuen student and sneaked into the concert.

Mimete started to sing, and Minako found it suddenly hard to move. Mimete sang to the students to dedicate their minds and bodies to Pharoah 90. Minako transformed, and leapt up on stage; she grabbed a microphone and yelled for the students to wake up. Mimete threw "Charm Buster" at Minako, who retaliated with "Venus Wink Chain Sword." Mimete appealed to Kaolinite for help; Kaolinite sighed and summoned three daimons from the bodies of nearby students.

Unfortunately, this didn't do Mimete any good. Sailormoon promptly destroyed two of them; Sailorneptune's cry of "Deep Submerge!" blew the other one up before it could touch Tuxedo Kamen and Chibimoon, and Sailoruranus appeared and blasted Mimete away with "World Shaking!"

"In this class, I will take your soul." - Viluy, Act 27

Bidou Yui Viluy is the only one of the Witches who is a student, not a teacher, at Mugen Gakuen. At level 202, she is far more powerful than either Eudial or Mimete. She has straight white-blue hair, with a strange net cocked over one side of it. She made her first appearance as Bidou Yui, star student at Mugen Gakuen, and invited Ami to Mugen Gakuen Prep.

Ami saw that Bidou Yui's name was above hers on the test scores, even though both of them got the same top marks. After consulting with the other senshi, Ami decided to visit Mugen Gakuen, even though it might be a trap. Viluy showed her a hologram of the Tau Star System and then left to consult with Kaolinite; Ami noticed that a camera on the wall was focused on her. She shattered the camera lens with a thrown pen, and ran down the hall to a door marked "No entry." Haruka and Michiru followed her.

Ami ran into an underground lab, and saw daimons in cages. She had a split second to realize that the Death Busters' base was at Mugen Gakuen, and then Viluy grabbed her. Upon Viluy's orders, blank-eyed students seized Ami, Haruka, and Michiru, and dragged them upstairs to a science classroom where Viluy's program was running on several computers. Ami broke free and jumped out the window, transforming and calling the others as she fell; she landed in a swimming pool, and Haruka and Michiru followed her out the window.

Ami threw "Mercury Aqua Mirage" at Viluy, but Viluy evaded it and hit Ami with "Mosaic Buster;" Ami was stunned. Sailormoon appeared, but before she could do anything, Sailoruranus bisected Viluy with the Space Sword, freeing Ami and killing the third of the Witches 5.

"I soak up life energy with my beautifully crafted flowers." - Tellu, Act 28

Terono Ruru Tellu is the green-haired, green-eyed level 404 witch. As Terono Ruru, she taught botany and physical education at Mugen Gakuen. She crafted flowers called "tellurians." They were beautiful pink flowers with a lovely scent, and became incredibly popular. Apparently, they flourished and bloomed beautifully even without care. People bought them by the hordes, including a physics student named Meioh Setsuna...

Naturally, these unique flowers caught Makoto's attention. She bought a tellurian and put it in her home. Minako arrived to find Makoto asleep, the tellurian putting out large flowers, and all of Makoto's other plants dead. She woke Makoto, who sliced through the tellurian's leaf; poisonous gases puffed out from the break, and the senshi felt their energy being drained.

The senshi then confronted Tellu at Mugen Gakuen; she threw "Mandragora Buster" at them, but Sailorjupiter blocked the attack with "Coconut Cyclone." Sailorchibimoon did her part with "Pink Sugar Heart Attack!" Tellu promptly mutated into a monster and made as if to attack; however, Sailorpluto appeared and destroyed her with "Dead Scream."

"I attack the depths of the spirit, and magnify the darkness within." - Cyprine, Act 29

Cyprine and Pucherol Cyprine is the strongest of the witches, at level 999. She teaches the witch training class at Mugen Gakuen, but her real name is unknown. She appeared and challenged Haruka and Michiru, calling them Mugen Gakuen runaways; she threw "Ribbon Buster" at them. The outer senshi fought her, but were driven back; the inner senshi interfered and saved them. Cyprine cast a spell, and suddenly the outer and inner senshi turned on one another.

Sailormoon threw "Moon Spiral Heart Attack" at Cyprine; when the flash faded, a woman the mirror image of Cyprine stood beside her, each of them holding black star staffs. They announced themselves as Cyprine and Pucherol, who together were one. They laughed as the senshi tried to destroy one another; Sailormoon, Sailorchibimoon, and Tuxedo Kamen looked on in horror.

Desperately, Sailormoon called on the senshi; they combined their power and Sailormoon transformed into the more powerful Supersailormoon. As Supersailormoon, she cried, "Rainbow Moon Heartache!" Cyprine and Pucherol were torn apart.

Each of the Witches 5 is perfectly matched with an inner senshi. Eudial taught etiquette and the martial arts; her powers involved fire. Rei, the senshi of fire, is always bugging Usagi about her manners; also, her planet is Mars, the god of war. Mimete was the entertainment instructor and a popular singing idol; she is basically living Minako's dreams. Viluy always gets first place on the exams, and studied in the Mugen Gakuen laboratories; obviously, she is Ami's match. Tellu grew and cultured plants, which is one of Makoto's passions; she is also the physical education teacher, which meshes nicely with Makoto's fighting skill. Finally, Cyprine and Pucherol played with everyone's feelings and made them hate one another; this is in direct opposition to Usagi's shining virtue, which is to make everyone friends.

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