Playing Favorites - Tsukino Chibiusa / Sailorchibimoon

Chibiusa-chan's a bit of a special case in that her personality actually goes through some growth. She's incredibly bratty in the beginning, and then matures to a nicer, more responsible girl towards the end of the series - much like her mother, actually.

Chibimoon "Err . . . well, she's obviously cute and kind and she's aw'fly funny, I think. She and Usagi always arguing is hilarious! And her romances (yeah, except for Mamoru) are sweet - personally, I think she had the better deal out of her and Usagi."
- Felicite (The Voweless Knight-or Th Vwlss Knght) | site

"Even though Chibi-Usa's character starts out as a whiny little spoiled brat, she (over time) develops into a dignified young lady, a strong, determined senshi and a true believer in her mother (present and future) and the cause she is fighting for."
- Stephanie

"You either love her or hate her, it seems... she's a brat, true, but she's a cute one, and she and Elios are so cute together. Now, if only that were a good reason..."
Chibiusa - Erin Longhurst

"I guess that Chibi-Usa combines all of the aspects of Mamoru and Usagi that I feel make them endearing, without having so many of their flaws. First, like Usagi, she has an infinite capacity for kindness and caring. She is surprisingly brave, and is not intimidated by her most powerful enemies (I'm thinking of the ends of the R and SuperS anime here.) She is willing to do anything to protect her loved ones. She is also gentle, fun-loving, a little silly at times, and not very self-concious. Second, like Mamoru, she is intelligent, mature (for her age), and good at keeping secrets. (I don't think that Usagi would ever have been able to keep Helios a secret). Thus, she is not as air-headed as Usagi, but not as coldly intelligent and introverted as Mamoru. She also has her own inner demons to fight - the fear that she will never become a beautiful young lady (like in the R manga), her attraction to Mamoru, her complexes with Sailor Moon's superior power and physical beauty. And I DON"T really think she's all that cute. But she is a wonderful character, anyway."
- Kotetsu

"She is the only little girl on the force, and she fights just as hard. And hey, who can resist her cuteness?!?"
- Daisy | site

"Mini-Moon's probably number 3 on my actual list of favorites, but it's easier for me to say what I like about her than my first two... When Rini first showed up(NA dub, can't you tell?)I couldn't stand her.(Of course, like most fans, I think Wicked Lady rocks the house.) Then, something happened in S or SuperS. I don't know if it's a dub thing, but I stopped wanting her to die and started feeling sorry for her--especially in SuperS manga. Then she really stopped being a brat with an Electra complex and this poor kid who just wants to grow up, find a prince(who isn't her dad), and save the world."
- Zelda | site

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