Playing Favorites

There's nothing more fun for a fan than finding out what other fans think. And one of the most commonly-asked questions in the Sailormoon series is... which senshi is your favorite? There's someone out there for everybody - whether you like the arrogant or the refined, the smart or the silly, the cute or the dignified... they're all there. And after you know the other fan's favorite, the next logical step is: why? We've lots of answers here, sorted by senshi.

Thanks for sharing your opinions! I'm sorry I couldn't put them all up (I wanted to!), but after a while I started getting repetitious comments, and it would've been kinda silly to post lots of comments that said the same thing.

If you want to share your opinion, you can still complete the form. However, I probably won't put you up unless you have something new to say... or you like a neglected senshi. ^_^

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