Playing Favorites

flip! This is an excerpt from an email I sent somebody. It's sort of a guideline. You can be as specific or as general as you like; I was pretty vague, but you can cite examples to prove your points if you wish.

> 2)Who are your favorite and least favorite Senshi? and why?

I answered this question to some degree somewhere in my AQ, but I'll tell you anyway. (= My favorites are Rei and Haruka, because they're incredibly arrogant and sure of themselves. They're forceful, strong people even without the strength of their senshi power to buffer them, and yet they both hide their feelings to show a strong face to the world. They're rather mysterious, and I like that. My least favorite would have to be Hotaru. I don't hate her, but I don't particularly like her either. I pity her, definitely, but I don't think that she reacts to things in a particularly realistic manner, and I get tired of her gloominess.

Of course, you'd probably disagree with me - which is fine! (Most people do about Hotaru.) Oh - the reason I'm letting everybody pick two favorites is because I couldn't decide between Rei or Haruka. Selfish, ne? <smile>

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