Playing Favorites - Kino Makoto / Sailorjupiter

Mako-chan has dual appeal; she can cook and likes flowers (very girly) and yet she has a quick temper and is almost too willing to fight - attributes that you wouldn't think would match well. Yet she pulls it off quite beautifully, as several people point out.

Kino Makoto "I like Jupiter because, what first appealed to me is that her physical looks were just like mine. Then as I got to know her I loved how she was so tomboyish and yet not. She could beat up any guy but loved cooking."
- Juppy Puppy

"She's - real. I don't know. She's so easy to picture. I could see myself meeting her on the street someday. Besides, I like her personality."
- Felicite (The Voweless Knight-or Th Vwlss Knght) | site

"Lita is the most prettiest and she kicks butt, and on one episode she transferred blood for Ken. She cares about her friends, and she dosen't choose sides in a fight."
- Emma

"She is a more compassionate version of Uranus and she is Mina's best friend. She may seem a bit... scary (karate maniac?) but she really cares about protecting her friends and I want a bakery too!!!"
- Sailor venus

"I love Mako-chan's strength and personality. She's very kind at heart and brutal in strength."
- Umi Kato | site

Kino Makoto "I like sailorjupiter the best because she is like two different people in one. She's very strong and fierce and yet gentle and caring. She'll protect anyone, even people she dosen't know."
- Shannon R

"Out of all the senshi, I relate the most to Sailor Jupiter. Also, I think that in the anime (not sure about the manga) she is the strongest inner senshi, power wise, besides Sailor Moon. She could sense when people are unhappy when no one else could. Also, she is strong physically, mentally and emmotionally and is not one of those weak girly characters."

"Sailorjupiter is my fav because she's strong and bold, a tomboy, but she has a soft heart. She will do anything for her friends. I wish I was Sailorjupiter!! (oops!^_^;)"
- makomoon

"Sailor Jupiter/Lita is my favorite character beacuse she reminds me of my self. The reasons are as following: 1)She's got the same name as me, 2)She's strong phsyicalicaly and mentally, 3)Also she has a feminine part of her on the side."
- Lita Tomlinson | site

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