Playing Favorites - Kinmokusei Senshi

Seiya Kotetsu pointed out to me that I'd neglected quite a few senshi. I did overlook the Starlights, didn't I... they didn't play much of a role in the manga, so I actually forgot about them when I was putting the form together. Oops. <sweatdrop> Here's my chance to remedy that.

"First, the Starlights each provide a unique personality to a trio that ultimately completes and compliments itself. Impulsiveness is balanced by restraint, compassion is balanced by aloofness, and aspects of a whole being are presented within the individuals - body (Seiya), mind (Taiki), and soul (Yaten).

Taiki "Second, I just love their attitudes - whether as the Three Lights or the Sailor Starlights. Their fukus send a clear message to the enemy: "I am about to totally kick your butt." Heck, I love those fukus! They're so unique and original! And very sexy, too. I love the Starlights' pride and nobility, their devotion to their princess, and, above all, their gorgeous looks. Seiya brightens my day, Taiki can quote Blake's poems in a voice smooth enough to melt butter, and Yaten makes me burst into tears laughing with his tactless remarks. Yaten

"I like the concepts surrounding them - senshi from another planet (cool beans), senshi that have to protect their own princess, girls posing as men (or men who transform into girls in the anime), and all the comparisons to "sacred shooting stars." These are completely new themes and ideas in this point of the story (well, except for the brief gender confusion generated by Haruka's first appearance . . . ) As far as the anime goes, I also love the transformation music and the music of the Three Lights - "Nagareboshi He" all the way! And the transformation animation (the *second* version) was pretty darn amazing. In short, the Sailor Starlights rock my world.
- Kotetsu | site

"My favorite is SAILOR STAR HEALER. I like her because:
1) She isn't all that open or nice to people and she isn't all happy and cheerful
2) How many people do you know that would go to a foreign planet, disguised as a boy, just to save a princess?
3) I love her hair!
4) And her eyes!
5) She's only 5 feet tall. Tall people terrify me.
6) She likes caviar
7) She likes art and hates P.E.
8) Her Fuku is just sooo cool. Too bad mom won't let me be her for halloween.
9) I listen to Mayounaka Hitori every night. 'Nuff said
10) She likes CATS!!!!!!"
- Reasa

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