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Reading the votes for Rei were kinda funny, because one could usually tell straightaway which version of Sailormoon the voter had been exposed to. Manga Rei was very popular, and anime Rei was not quite so. (Almost nobody liked NA Raye, poor thing.)

"I think that Sailor Mars is the best because she is not afraid to be her true self. She is kind to people but doesn't take crap from anyone!"
- Sarah Hino Rei

"I have always liked the spiritual soldier of fire, but when I saw the SMS season, maaaan I went totally crazy! She is so COOL. I admire her independent attitude, and her confidence also. She is definitely one of the prettiest senshi, other people have said so too. Her eyes are different from all of the others' eyes, they are slanted and look so fiery and mean when she's angry! :) I also love Rei's seiyuu, Tomizawa Michie gives Rei that sweet/tempermental/kinda sorta bitchy thing that I love so much. And one more thing: psychic powers are just the bomb, and put them together with FIRE...whew. lol."
- Becka | site

"She's just so wonderful, so refined and mysterious. Don't get me wrong, I like anime-Rei, but manga-Rei has so much more to her. She can be a bit rude at time, but still a great friend."
- Laura

"Actully when I first saw a commercial for the lame DiC dub "Sailor Moon" (-_-;;;) I liked Mars the most, because I thought she was pretty. -_- I can't believe myself then. But anyway, after I had gone through the weird depression thing, I still enjoyed Minako the most, but Rei's manga persona I liked completely...she had the "hate men" attitude and I kind of have that now... And I really liked that about her. Also in the the manga, she had that friendship with Minako and i think that's what made me like her second best (of the inner senshi)."
- Zaki | site Hino Rei, in profile

"She's an honest, no nonsense girl who doesn't think much of men... plus she's the senshi of fire!"
- Rhiannon | site

"The main reason I like her (as a Senshi) is because her element is fire. *L* Ok, that was stupid. But it's true. Her attacks are so neat. If I had to pick someone to be my friend, I would pick Rei. Her personality - kind of sarcastic but not quite cynical, with a dash of humor to boot - is quite agreeable, at least to me. I love the way she's always picking on Usagi, but probably is the Senshi who looks out for her the most. To me she seems to always have an inner peace within her (probably because she's a shaman...) and is very in control of her life. She's mysterious and charismatic, but at the same time very human - which is most likely the part I love best (the Outer Senshi are so amazing, but I seriously doubt such people actually exist in reality)."
- Elienta | site

"Rei-chan is probably my favorite anime character of all time. Why? Because I love her attitude, grace, beauty, and her ability of hiding things very well, both physically and mentally. And also, I have a thing for misunderstood characters. I love her element, and that fact that she was the only senshi who fell for Mamoru in the anime and I admire her determination and physical strength. Her relationship with Usagi reminds me of Miaka/Yui and Tamahome/Tasuki."
- Umi Kato | site Hino Rei

"She's got the coolest power, especially compared to Venus, whose power is kinda lame. She's also not as flighty as Sailor Moon or Venus. I don't like how they changed her character from the manga in the anime... in the manga she's rather elegant and graceful, and hates men, but in the anime they make her as flighty as Serena and stooping to low tricks trying to get Darien. Grrrr."
- Poundcake

"Rei-chan is always so dignified when it comes to fighting and she is always so in tune with her fighting and aura as well. Throw Jadeite in the mix (hot damn he's gorgeous!!!) and you have a girl with everything. Plus, I got nothing but respect for any girl who can fight like that in heels like those!"
- Megan

"She would be beautiful and mysterious and powerful, even if she wasn't a sailor."
- Chyrie

"When I first saw the NA dub, before I had any clue about anime, manga, etc, I dubbed Rei my favorite because at age eight, I simply loved her long dark hair and snazzy red outfit. But as I matured as an otaku, I grew to appreciate her for her unique personality and style. I admit that I don't like her as much in the anime where she is somewhat snobby and mean as in the manga where she only uses those flaws to hide her true caring inner self. I will always think she is the most beautiful senshi, but that is my opinion, and I doubt that anyone could change it."
- Hana-hime | site

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