Playing Favorites - Mizuno Ami / Sailormercury

Poor Ami-chan's quite typecast, and of all the characters, she differs least between the anime and the manga. She's the smart, quiet one... and like Chibiusa, you either love or hate her, it seems.

Mizuno Ami "I'm just like her... Studious, feminine, (and sometimes an underdog)... but independent and reliable... <smile>"
- Cheri L'amour | site

"She's got beauty and brains, which is hard to come by any more it seems, and even though she is so smart she does not brag or anything, which is something I just love about her. (Also she has one of my fav elements!)
- FireFly

"You just can't help but admire someone like Sailormercury. While many of the other senshi are all agressive fighters, she is the defense. She is often the one who stands in the back, never really showing off, and yet, without her, they wouldn't win half of the battles they fight."
- Erika

"She's a lot like I am. And she helps out the rest of the inner senshi a lot, by telling them where enemy weak points are. And while she certainly isn't the most powerful, she can still hold her own in battle. Plus, I've always found myself favoring characters with blue hair and blue eyes in anime/manga. Though I don't quite know why."
- Alex | site

"She is nice and caring and understanding. She has a lot of patience with Usagi as opposed to Rei, who gets mad at Usagi really fast. Also she believes in others like herself and the other girls."
- Albert Chagolla

Mizuno Ami "Ami is truly a scout beyond words. She's smart, talented, powerful, a great friend, and very dedicated to her work! I think she is the best Sailor Scout becuase I simply love her in all ways! The beautiful water senshi towers above all the rest!"
- Bunnie | site

"She's got blue hair loves chess, two pluses :) And even if people say she lacks on the personality, I think you need to take a little time to get to know her :)"
- WeirdGrl | site

"It's weird, because I AM her...well...almost. We share the same everything, including name and birthday. She is kind, modest, and smart, but she doesn't brag, nor does she like to. Her attacks may be defensive, but they have saved the Sailors lives more times than can be counted."
- Spryng | site

"The girl with the 300 IQ...*sigh* I wish I had her study habits! Although slightly withdrawn, Ami makes friends and keeps them! With her charming personality, intelligence, and (sometimes accidental) sense of humor, it's no wonder people like her. While some might argue that she's the weakest of the senshi, I say "What other senshi has helped get the group out of scrapes just using her mind?" That's reason enough for me."
- sol

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