Playing Favorites - Tsukino Usagi / Sailormoon

Lots of people like Usagi-chan. She received, by far and away, the greatest number of "favorite" votes. Here's why...

"Usagi! She is just a person that I could never be, the way she forgives so easily is just so admirable! I look up to her, her strength and courage suprise me, and she is just adorable!"
- PrincessBunnie Tsukino Usagi

"My favorite Senshi is Sailor Moon for a lot of reasons. First of all, she is obviously the most powerful of the Senshi. I like her because she has no limit to her power and most of it comes from love and friendship, something no one can ever have enough of. Secondly, she is the silliest and funniest. Even though she is powerful, she can always make people laugh (without meaning to). Last, she is the most caring of the Senshi. She tries to help everyone no matter what. She has a hope about her that no one can deny. I think this is why everyone loves her so.... and she is my favorite Senshi."
- Sailor Kiska | site

"I usually don't like the main character best (maybe it's because who you're supposed to like) but something about Sailormoon really caught my attention, even in my first viewings of the NA dub. But, mostly it's because of the manga, where she's so beautifully drawn and the way she loves everyone unconditionally. She has inner strength and beauty that not even her many flaws can mar."
- Bethany | site

"Although Usagi seems incapable of handling all that has been placed on her, she is really true of heart. She believes so strongly in the other senshi and Mamoru that, although she may not realize it herself, it makes her a beautiful young woman and a person truly capable of handling the job of being Sailormoon and Neo-Queen Serenity."
- Stephanie

"I love Usagi in the manga (well, anime too, but manga more... :p), because she's incredibly strong, devoted, and powerful. I just admire and adore her to no end. :D"
- J-chan | site

Tsukino Usagi "Again I have gone for the tragic heroes of the series. Usagi is a normal girl until she happens upon Luna and her life is turned upside down and plagued with pitfalls, yet through it all she remains good natured and the hero of everything - even saving Saturn and Pluto, giving her life to give Luna her heart's desire. When the chips were down she even came back to herself to convince herself to end it all and go back to a 'normal life' but in the end the older Usagi was strengthened by the younger's decision and steadfastness. Shakespeare would be proud."
- Mizz Adamz | site

"Hmm, because she is so nice and loving, and she is able to forgive anyone for anything. I wish I could be like that."
- Jackie

"Although Sailormoon is a crybaby, she cares deeply for her friends. She may be a bit careless and clumsy, but she is strong-willed and a good fighter when she needs to be. I think her best quality is her ability to make friends easily. Who wouldn't want to be friends with Usagi?"
- Lisa | site

"I adore and admire Sailormoon because of her strength and wisdom. She believes that no matter who or what you are (or were) that you had good inside you. She never judges and is always there to help and protect. She loves everyone and brings a great light, beauty and peace to the people that know her. She has learned through many hardships, that no matter what love conqures all and that justice, love and good will prevail over everything, especially anything that stands in the way."
- Princess Aramina | site

"Even though most of my other moonie friends tell me I'm most like Sailormercury, I really love Usagi's character. Watching someone that pure and loving is wonderful to see on the screen. Her personality and caring shows me how people can be and how to spot those who truly are."
- Ori | site

Tsukino Usagi "I think it's kinda obvious why a lot of people like her. She's the star of the show. Her legacy is amazing and she so beautiful, inside and out. As the messenger of love she is able to see the good in even the most evil of hearts and usually bring it out. She is probably my ultimate favourite but I can see why some people don't like her. At first she is whiny, winpy, lazy and babyish (a bit like me) but she grows up during the show and the change is very noticeable."
- Caera Michelle Bradshaw

"In my opinion, she is the ideal image of bravery. She's not some all-powerful person, who's not afraid of any enemy. She has fears, and makes them known. And yet, when everything is on the line, she does what has to be done, despite her obvious fears."
- Erika

"well, because she's like me PERSONALITY wise. i'm not clumsy or boy crazy and i definitely have a BRAIN. i just like her because she's happy and she really have a heart of gold and judge people for WHO they are and not WHAT they are. so i'm saying that she's not superficial like other people would be."
- Nadeshiko

"She doesn't have a sad past, unlike all the other Senshi. Yet, she is able to fight for her friends. Although her character is rather impractical, I must all admit that I would like to be more like her: caring and forgiving. This is the kind of character I like most in all kinds of stories."
- Usa-chan | site

"Sailormoon is my favorite senshi character, Why you ask?? Because I'm just like her!! Every time I see an outfit in a store I feel like I have got to have it, I love food, I'm boy Crazy, And even though I have a boyfriend I still flirt...A LOT!! But thats not the only reason I like Sailormoon, I also like her because she is beautiful, Sweet, Nice, forgiving, powerful, and she will never hurt her friends' feelings. When somethings wrong, Sailormoon is always there to fix it up!!"
- MoonieAlicia

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