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I was originally going to mix positive and negative comments in each section - but some of the "least favorite" comments were pretty... uh... strong... so we'll just stick with the ones that I really loved reading - the ones that aren't quite so serious, and are actually fun. Besides, as several people pointed out, it was unfair for me to ask them for a least favorite; they liked all the senshi.

"Well, I don't want to insult any fans of Chibiusa's, but isn't she just a teeny bit.....spoiled? bratty? rude? whiny? in love with her father? Look, I know she's trapped in the body of 6/7 year-old..but she's over 900, mightn't she have developed some....self-control? maturity? wisdom? intelligence? understanding of the concept of "incest"? And what's more...she's got pink hair and red eyes? I think the idea of "rabbit" got taken a little far here. Once again...this is just my opinion...everybody's entitled to their own."
- Eowyn Makoto/Michiru

"I hate to say it but Mako-chan just can't do it. She's a great senshi and it doesn't mean I don't like her - I just can't stand the "I'm brutal but I cook" thing. Throws me off kilter. And Nephlite ain't as spiffy as Kunz or Jade. Poor Mako. Honestly though I feel she's a little too impulsive when it comes to fighting (and men!!!)"
- Megan

"Michiru. Simple, although she is graceful and elegant, I find her a bit prissy. I can't really explain it but when I first played my friends SM RPG on her comp. She was just so...stiff. Neither me nor my friend could figure out how to fight with her so we both kind of gave up. (Only good thing in the game is she kicks hard...) No offence to Michiru fans but thats just my opinion. ^_^;;;"
- Zaki | site

"I really don't have a least favorite Senshi, but if I had to pick it would be Moon.

1) She's ALWAYS the "heroine." This reason is connected to my problem with the SM storyline itself. I canNOT stand how Serenity is always the "chosen one" who only has to shed a tear and she can save the world. Of course, it isn't HER fault - I suppose we should blame the scriptwriters, but it gets annoying when Senshi like Uranus and Neptune nearly get themselves killed and accomplish nothing while Moon just has to "believe in her friends" or "find her inner strength" or some other such nonsense.
Usagi - jump!
2)Her personality. If she was, say, my friend in real life... oh, wait a minute. I wouldn't have such a friend. I can stand the laziness, the clumsiness, the boy craziness, the damsel-in-distress gig, AND the atrocious table manners - really, I can. (Not to mention that her IQ probably ventures on the border of 2 digits) But the girl is SO DAMN UNREALISTIC. She is so optimistic it's scary. "I just can't kill Saturn, despite the fact that if she appears we'll all die anyway and the world will end and there's no other obvious way. I just know that it'll all end up happily ever after." (btw, I really would LOVE to see this girl have to face reality and get her ass whipped for once instead of always ending up being the savior) I DON'T like people who are always in need of Prozac, but this girl seems to have taken an overdose. If I had her as my "leader" I'd probably ask her to abdicate.

But then again, she IS good and innocent and all that junk at heart, which is why all the Senshi stick around to save her ass all the time. I just wish she would fix her bangs. Sometimes they looked like fur."

- Elienta | site

"Pluto. She's just soooo boring! Yes, she's the Guardian of the Time Gate... but she's just too mysterious to the point that you know nothing about her! And the way her personality is, it's very unlikely that she'll tell you what she thinks."
- Athena

"Something about Venus has always bugged me. I have no problem with senshi having sex appeal(even as a het female I think Pluto and Mars are gorgeous) or really needing to get laid, but Mina just radiates tramp."
- Zelda | site

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