Playing Favorites - Kaioh Michiru / Sailorneptune

Elegant, beautiful Kaioh Michiru, quiet senshi of the ocean... she always gives the impression that there are depths to her yet undiscovered. You'd think that an artist's heart and a musician's ego would leave no room for others in her heart - but she applies herself to her duty with unmatched loyalty.

Kaioh Michiru "I like Michiru for a lot of the same reasons that I like Ami. It's one of those things where you just love a character, and can't explain why. I guess I love the water related attacks, and Michiru and Haruka are so adorable together."
- Alex | site

"I have never seen her in the series since I live in Australia and only get the NA dub, but I have been very entrigued and have searched everywhere for information about her. I think one of the main reasons I am drawn to her is her and Uranus' love for each other. Being a romantic soppy type, I think their love so amazing and true and beyond everything else that they have become one of my main interests. The fact she is willing to sacrifice herself for her love is so loyal and brave. These are my reasons for liking Sailor Neptune."
- Caera Michelle Bradshaw

Kaioh Michiru "Once, one of my cousins asked me why I liked Michiru so much, 'after all she is a lesbian'! Well it's because I see some of myself in her. Just like her, I'm willing to give my life for the people I care for. That's why I like her soooo much!!!"
- Sailor Circe | site

"Her glimmering sea green hair, the way she holds herself with dignity, her sense of responsibility,and her devotion to her life long partner Haruka makes me want to cry! I love Michiru! I've always wanted to play the violin, so the way she plays it with such beauty and grace is moving! She doesn't care that she's different and she would sacrifice her life and the world if it meant protecting her one true love, Haruka. Her transformation music and the whole floating pink petal things in the Anime' is way too cool as well! I wish I could be as pretty and proud as her. She's my idol!*"
- Fairy Princess Jasleen

"Her elegance, grace, and maturity aren't the only good things about her. She is determined to live her dreams, and won't stop or let anything get in her way. She keeps a cool head in a battle, is an excellant fighter and quite lady-like. Her kind, motherly gentleness is also something that can't be overlooked. Her caring toward Hotaru, pleased to be called her "Michiru-mama". And her strong, affectionate love toward Haruka, something that will never cease. Michiru is the perfect example of an artist."
- Laura

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