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Setsuna's a mystery even in the anime and the manga - we don't see much of what makes her who she really is. It seems that this very mysteriousness is what draws fans to her and to her lonely life. Sailorpluto

"Ahh... the Senshi of time. She's myseterious and so in control. And she doesn't have to explain herself to people. I know this upsets many SM fans, but for me it shows her incredible strength. She will come off as a "untouchable" just to protect those she loves."
- Ori | site

"Well, for one, I love her hair. It's very pretty. I also like the way she is, well, I wouldn't say "dark", but more like a "she knows what she's doing" kind of attitude. She's also very elegant. I also like the way she can control time. That's so cool."
- Katerini

"Just because i can relate to her. She is mysterious and very strong emotionally. She has to be, to stand alone for all time guarding the Door Of Time."
- Sailor Dragon | site

"I would have to say Sailorpluto would be my second favorite senshi. Mostly because she is a very elegant person. She's quiet and calm (I've only seen her in the American version of the anime) and cares deeply for Chibiusa. She's almost like a mother. I also pity her because she has to guard the time gate by herself and has little contact with others, thus making her a recluse. And, to me, longing to have a companion to share this time with. She extremely important to Chibiusa and to the anime and manga's progression, like all the other senshi."
- Princess Aramina | site

Meioh Setsuna "A woman of my own heart! I love her silent nobility and deep dedication to her duties. I only wish I was *half* as dignified as her. ^_^ Plus she's beautiful..."
- Danielle | site

"I love her mysterious charisma! Plus she is, (IMO) the second most beautiful senshi, after Mars. I love her attacks, her personality, and especially her time staff! I admire her, because she spent her entire life alone, guarding the gates of time. In this way, she is the bravest of the senshi. The others all seem to have problems with being alone (not that that is bad, but it is true), while she is quite happy by herself with only an occasional visitor. Plus, under her brave, brilliant outer shell, she is very caring. Who else could have been the friend of Chibiusa? She is also arguably the strongest senshi, because she is the only one who could wipe out all the other senshi in a single blast (not that she would...) with her Dark Dome Close attack. Even Sailor Moon can't do that. I discovered her through the internet before i saw her *brief* appearences in the dub. Then the translated manga came about, and I was hooked!"
- Hana-hime | site

"She is sexy and a beauty, she is intelligent, she knows how to dress (in the manga)... she is awesome!"
- Princess Of The Moon

"Because she's smart, pretty, and she has awesome powers. Also she has a great personality and cool colors for her fuku. Plus, I like to think she is like me at one time in my life."
- Sadie

"Her physical beauty, I think, surpasses all the senshi's but still can not compare to her inner beauty. Her friendship with Chibi-usa, her knowing, and her overall mysteriousness is what really makes you think "wow." She gave her life so she could save the world (end of R in manga) and is equally courageous in the anime. Even though she was a solitary person, living alone guarding the gate of time, this didn't stop her from embracing Chibi-Usa's offer to be her one and only friend. That's what I admire about her."
- Laura Meioh Setsuna

"Guarding time alone cannot at all be an easy job. Pluto manages to do it though. She's elegant, quiet, thoughtful, and caring. Her devotion is always showing, from serving her king to raising Hotaru. Pluto is the perfect friend."
- Taranime | site

"I find Sailor Pluto to have a distinct aura to her. She is by far the strongest senshi, next to Sailor Saturn (for the obvious). She holds her own and never lets her power go to her head like the other senshi do at times. She never lets her enemies know she is weak, she gives her all, nothing less. And she understand that her mission it to protect the earth and Usagi, not just Usagi!"
- Kyote

"The first time I said Pluto was my favorite Outer Senshi, someone immediatly said to me, "How? You watch the dub!" That I do. So, I'll admit, a big reason Pluto's my favorite Outer is because she has great hair. It's rare to find a non-villain with great hair in Sailor Moon... Pluto also is forced to be a loner and I think that makes her much less of a bitch than Uranus and Neptune(I'm fine with their personal lives, but those two radiate bitch vibes). Besides, anyone who's able to stand Rini during R has got to be one tough chick."
- Zelda | site

"She has the most involving and important duties of them all, and yet she remains a wonderful person. She guards the Gates of Time by herself, silently making sure time would continue to flow, and is not afraid to give her life to protect the future (or past, or...) and loved ones. In my opinion, that makes her the strongest of the senshi."
- sol

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