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Hotaru-chan's tragic past and sweet nature really found its way to the heart of a lot of fans. While the complete turnaround of her nature (from sad and melancholy in the beginning to almost-too-happy and genki towards the end) was sort of confusing, there was something in Hotaru-chan's personality for everyone.

"She is really sweet and kind to everyone around her, I love the way she looks too! (Yes, I have a thing for black-haired purple-eyed characters, so sue me.) The thing I love the most about Hotaru is her voice. Minaguchi Yuko is so cool. And Sailorsaturn's fuku in SMS is the prettiest, although it's only seen for like one episode. :)"
- Becka | site

Tomoe Hotaru

"Sailor Saturn is my other favorite because she is the most realistic. She is a good friend to Chibiusa but is also not outspoken. The other reason is she is the most powerful senshi besides Sailor Moon."
- Sarah

"I love Sailor Saturn because she has the most character and more things have happened in her life than anyone else's (plus her sailor fuku is purple and purple's kewl!). I also love the translation of her name better than any one else's. It also amazes me that after all that's happened in her life, she still turned out to be a sweet little girl. She also doesn't even hesetate to give up her life to save the planet no matter what, and even though she is weak physically, she has one of the strongest spirits of them all."
- FireFly

"Her presence signals the end and new beginnings, like the the seasom Autumn. Her manners and overall being are amazing. She has suffered so much and still her heart is gentle, and she is still able to have and make friends (though scarce they may be.) She reminds me of myself in younger days and though I know very little of her life after Mistress Nine and her rebirth, I wish her well."
- Mizz Adamz | site

"I like SailorSaturn because she's quiet and not loud all the time, but she's friendly to Chibi-Usa. She's wise and knowledgeable of many things. But behind Saturn's quiet face lies the Senshi of destruction, and that's my favorite part. And last, but not least, her fuku is the coolest out there, along with her glaive."
- SSJ Bulma | site Tomoe Hotaru

"Because she is one of the most realistic characters. She isn't overly cheerful, or have any exaggerated characteristic (ie. Minako is an idol chaser; Ami is Smart; Makoto is the fighter, Usagi is clumsy, etc.) She has her own power of healing, yes, but that's different. It doesn't make her annoying as the others tend to be at times. She reminds me of me. She has such a nice attitude, though she's gone through the most major hardships in her life. I love her cute voice in the Anime, and in the manga I like actually getting to see her grow up in the last series. Purple is my favorite color. I love her hair... She's sooo much fun to draw... I could go on."
- Jenna ^_^ | site

"It's kind of ironic that I like her, because my other favorite senshi is Sailor Venus and they are basically total opposites. I like Saturn because she reminds me a little of myself, I guess. She's quiet and she really doesn't draw that much attention to herself, but underneath she's very powerful. I love her glaive and her boots too..."
- Kristen | site

"Let me just say this: Glaive.

And this: Evil, dark senshi.

AND this: lets just say you had better vote for someone who can destroy the world you live on with a single attack. ^_^"
- Pepper | site

Tomoe Hotaru "She is so dark and gloomy, but that is what makes her HER. She is so mysterious, in a manner that makes you think about everything she says. In the manga, it was she who gave the rest of the Outer Senshi their crystals for their final transformations. She is also the second most powerful. Her powers may be based on destruction and death, which reflects her personality, and with those powers she can show how things change."
- Chocolat

"Her fraility, but her strength are fascinating -- the very idea that a child, an innocent (of sorts) holds the world in her hands seems somehow fitting."
- Erin Longhurst

"One little girl has the power to blow this planet away at her will. That's too amazing. I love little Hotaru. She has the most intriguiging personality out of all the scouts. Her Fuku is too cool. Her hair is like mine too! =) I like how she keeps to herself and has probably the most realistic personality out of all the senshi. I think more people are able to relate to little Hotaru as well. I love her mysterious look, with her dark eyes and hair. One glimpse into those mysterious eyes and it seems as if you are enetering another world. She's too beautiful and has an iron will.*"
- Fairy Princess Jasleen

"She's very silent but caring inside. Although she acts indifferently to anybody's action, it is clear that she longs for a friend. Later, on becoming a Senshi, she finally finds friendship in Chibiusa, and shows her true self: a sweet child."
- Usa-chan | site

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