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Minako is a complex character in that her personality is composed of two utterly different sides - serious self-doubting Minako, and ditzy genki Minako. It's quite fascinating to try and figure out what makes her tick, and she's a constant reminder that not everyone can be conveniently categorized by personality.

"She keeps everyone together and very enigmatic - but who is she really? Is she the bright bubbly Minako or the serious, responsible Venus?" Aino Minako
- Rhiannon | site

"I like Sailorvenus because... well, I just do! No, really I like her for her perky-ness, I guess. When I had first *REALLY* gotten into SM I was a bit depressed, so I needed something to perk me up whenever I needed it, and Minako just supplied it whole-heartedly. :) But I also enjoy her most out of all of them, because in the manga, she seems so serious about being a senshi. I mean, why else would she keep questioning herself about being a good leader? And that may be another reason: in the manga, she's leader. ^_^"
- Zaki | site

"Minako is interesting to me because she seems to have two very different aspects of her personality. The Minako that she allows the world to see is cheerful, bright, a little crazy, mischevious, and overall, great fun. Some of the "Minako-goes-crazy" episodes are the most fun of the entire series. But Minako also has a very private face that she rarely reveals, even to the other Inner Senshi. She has suffered a broken heart, has been rejected time and time again in attempts to follow her dream of becoming an idol, is lonely, sad, and has self-confidence problems. Amazingly enough, even a third aspect of Minako's personality occasionally is shown - the tough warrior-girl who is the leader of the Inner Senshi. I guess this comes out more in the manga than in the anime. But in the anime, she is usually the one who says, "Everyone, let's transform!" So I guess I love Minako because she is such a crazy, funny character who also has emotional depth and inner strength. Oh yeah, and "Venus Love and Beauty Shock" is my absolute favorite attack in the anime."
- Kotetsu

"She's bright and optimistic. She helps friends when they're down, and really knows how to party!"
- ChibiAussie | site

Aino Minako "Her personality is wonderful. The girl just seems to radiate happiness not to mention she's funny. She's also a determined senshi and she always looks at the bright side of things even though she's been through some rough times."
- Kristen | site

"Well, really Moon is my only true fav, but I like Venus because she is the leader of the scouts (in the manga) and really takes her position seriously. Plus, her Sailor V uniform is pretty cool, although that's really only superficial."
- Bethany | site

"Minako is definately different. She's a great leader, and she knows how to leave it behind when not in battle. Such a tragic past, but she dosen't let it stop her life."
- Shannon R

"Sailorvenus is the leader of the inner senshi and has a very important role in the manga. She killed Queen Beryl and led the senshi against Queen Metallia, giving up her pen even though it meant giving up her own life. As Minako she is funny, sensitive, caring, and a great friend. She also has the most experience because she was Sailor V. I like Sailorvenus because her personiality is a lot like mine. I even have a whole website dedicated to her." Aino Minako
- Lisa | site

"She seems the most realistic character to me. Even though she seems very outgoing, you can tell that she's still not entirely sure of herself. I'm thinking specifically of the time in the Dead Moon Circus arc where she's not yet recieved her crystal power while everyone else has, and though she tries to be strong she ends up running away. Plus she was SailorV!!"
- Danielle | site

"Sailorvenus is beautiful. (like all the senshi, though said to be the prettiest) She is a natural born leader, and she leads the inners vey well. She is a strong and experienced senshi. She may be silly and clutzy at times, but when it counts she gets the job done. She cares for her fellow scouts like sisters, and she's always there to lend a helping hand. Plus, she's got a super-kawaii talking cat!!" - Liana

"I'm really not sure. She just seems to be the (female) knight in shining armor, who always comes to the rescue with clear thinking (besides Tuxedo Mask). She works alone and with a group and her strength makes me realize that deep down, I'm strong like her." - Lindsey (Sailor V) | site

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