The Galaxy Cauldron

"This is the holy land of the stars. The Galaxy Cauldron. Strong stars and weak stars. Trash and sailor senshi. This is the place where all the stars throughout the galaxy are born." - Galaxia, Act 51

As the quote above expresses, the Cauldron is the birthplace of the stars - where all the sailor crystals are born, and where they ultimately return. To control its new, raw power is the goal of both Galaxia and Chaos. But the Cauldron is the birthplace not only of stars of goodness and light, like Usagi and her friends, but stars of darkness as well. The Guardian Cosmos

We first see the Galaxy Cauldron in Act 51, where Galaxia is battling one-on-one with Usagi. Galaxia leads Usagi to the edge of a cliff, and below that cliff is a huge cylinder, miles across. It is open at the top, showing a glimpse of white-hot light inside; steam bubbles up from its surface to wreath Galaxia's body and throw her face into shadow. The cylinder glows fiercely, drowning out the light of the nearby stars. This is the Galaxy Cauldron, the place where stars are born.

Inside the Cauldron, Usagi meets a long-haired woman in a round dress that shimmers like stars. The woman calls herself Guardian Cosmos, the spirit of the Cosmos seed. She seems to have the power to send out new stars, to become new lives and new sailor senshi. She is the one who gives Usagi-tachi the option to continue to live their lives - or to be reborn, as new stars, new lives. She is the spirit of ultimate possibility, living deep within the birthplace of the stars.

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