"Such beautiful light... The light of the Silver Moon Crystal and the Golden Crystal -- This brilliance will soon be mine. Brilliance suitable for the victor standing at the zenith of the galaxy." - Galaxia, Act 43

Sailor Galaxia Long ago, a beautiful young woman wandered in search of her planet and her destiny. She had great power, but she wanted more. She decided to find the place where stars were born - because there, at the birthplace of the stars, she could control all their young light and infinite power. Galaxia was unique in this skill, for the Sapphire Crystal inside her body had a very special property - with its power, she could control the power of other sailor crystals.

She encountered a cloaked figure named Chaos, who promised to give her this power and make her dreams come true. He led her to the center of the galaxy, the Zero Star of Sagittarius - "the place where stars gush out as if from a fountain." There, she found her purpose; as the metal-clad senshi, Sailor Galaxia, she decided to take all the sailor crystals in the galaxy, and put them back into the Galaxy Cauldron. She believed that the power of the stars was wasted in the senshi of the galaxy; it should all belong to her. She became the leader of the Anima Maids, and sent them across the galaxy to do her bidding.

Sailor Galaxia is a very tough individual. She does not give second chances, and punishes failure without mercy. The Anima Maids try hard to please her, but she doesn't care how they feel - only whether they succeed or not. Galaxia sees things in black and white - you are either trash, or a star. (A "star" is someone worthy of holding a sailor crystal in his or her heart.) Trash cannot be made into a star. Therefore, death is the only option for trash. Period. This is how she was able to kill Tin Nyanko without a second thought.

Galaxia attacking This is also why she was driven to seek power - because she was afraid of being trash. She was a sailor senshi - but that was not enough. She wanted to be the strongest of the sailor senshi, the most powerful. This is why she sought out the power at the Zero Star of Sagittarius.

Despite the help of her Anima Maids, Galaxia works alone. She does not see the need for friends - indeed, she sees friendship as a weakness, a point where others can attack you. Her attacks have to do with space - Galactica Inflation (expansion of the universe, perhaps?), and Galactica Super String (cosmic strings are theoretical constructs of astronomy.). Her attacks are incredibly powerful, and stem from the bracelets on her wrists.

Galaxia also demonstrates a fine sense of drama and an understanding of human emotions. She led the attack on the solar system by taking Mamoru's sailor crystal - killing him right before Usagi's eyes. The shock from the experience put Usagi out of fighting prime for a while, making it much easier for the Anima Maids to acquire the sailor crystals of the other solar system senshi... and that was only the beginning of Galaxia's manipulations. She also made Usagi face her friends on the battlefield, and taunted Usagi as her only love first gave his loyalty to Galaxia, and then was thrown to his death. All this was geared towards one goal only - so that when Sailormoon fought Galaxia, she would not be at her best.

Galaxia However, despite Galaxia's harshness, cunning, and strength, she is not completely evil. She came to her senses when Chaos made it clear that he didn't care if Galaxia died or not - he just wanted Sailormoon's crystal. And when Sailormoon saved Galaxia's life and offered her friendship, Galaxia was stunned. No one had ever cared for her before; no one had ever wanted to be her friend. But there was more to life than power - Sailormoon showed her that there was love.

The realization broke Chaos' hold on her, and shattered the bracelets on her wrists. She had been searching for a home all along, but had mistaken it for a need for the ultimate power. What she had really been searching for was love - and she found that in Sailormoon's ever-generous heart. She died with a smile on her face and hope shining in her eyes, hands reaching out towards Sailormoon.

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