21.08.02 I got a gorgeous new award from Inyou No Meian. Also updated the link to Plumes of the Ravens, and added a link to Peppermint Storm, a rare site that offers a manga-only view of the four generals. In other news, a Kaguya-hime page is in the works, once I manage to finish it -- so look forward to that. I also need to rampage through my links pages and do a good housecleaning; it's amazing how much the 'net can change over the course of a year or two.
02.07.02 All hail Lee of um-yeah.com, because she has rescued me by very generously offering space for the notoriously high-bandwidth image galleries. (Thank you, Lee!!!) Also, I've added a link to Crescent Light, a Minako shrine.
02.06.02 Am currently bumming bandwidth off Angelcities for the image galleries, contest files, and desktops. Hope this doesn't burden them overmuch...
24.05.02 Hmm, Tripod is telling me that if I don't kill off some of my site, they're going to do it for me. Let the webspace hunt begin. (Also, I seem to be exceeding bandwidth like crazy. Oops.) So, don't worry if you can't reach some of this site for a while -- I'll have it up and running once I figure out a way to solve this hosting business.
28.01.02 Uh, happy new year. (Better late than never, right?) Due to real life, the art contest has been postponed yet again. However, I have finally managed to change that link to fire flower. Yes, I do read my email / guestbook occasionally. ^_^;

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