Sailormoon Volume 12

Act 34: Dream 1: Eclipse Dream

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All the girls have made it into Juuban High, and Mamoru is a freshman at the KO University of medicine. This is the day of a total solar eclipse, and they pause to watch it; as the moon starts to pass in front of the sun, Chibiusa and Usagi hear a bell ringing. They suddenly see an image of a unicorn; it asks for help and fades away... The sun is completely covered, and Mamoru doubles over with sudden pain. They see a strange boat in the air; voices cry out to come to the Dead Moon Circus, and then the boat abruptly disappears. Mamoru and the other girls feel a foreboding.

Chibiusa and Usagi weasel their way into spending the night at Mamoru's apartment. In the middle of the night, the unicorn comes for Chibiusa and takes her for a wild flight over Tokyo. He gives her a little bell, telling her that the bell will call him; he says that his name is Elios, that he wants to save Elysion, and that he needs the Golden Crystal. When Chibiusa wakes up the next morning, she sees the little bell beside her; she decides to go home. However, something blocks her from traveling to the 30th century.

The Amazoness Quartet attack; Usagi and Chibiusa transform, and Elios gives them kaleidoscope moon rods. The girls destroy the lemures, but Mamoru is again struck by pain... Meanwhile, Zirconia is saying that the Amazoness Quartet cannot attack directly. They create Tiger's Eye, Hawk's Eye, and Fish Eye, and send them off.

Usagi and Chibiusa are concerned about Mamoru's health; they decide to transform back into their normal selves and get him to a hospital. However, as they transform, Palla-palla's spell strikes them. Usagi is suddenly child-sized, her clothes hanging loosely around her; Chibiusa is a young woman, her little-girl clothing suddenly very tight. They stare at each other in consternation.

Act 34: Dream 2: Mercury Dream

Mamoru has a strange shadow on his lungs, but he tells the girls it's nothing serious. He takes little Usagi home to his apartment and promptly falls into an exhausted sleep, while Chibiusa goes home and hypnotizes the Tsukinos into believing that she's Usagi. Elios appears to her that night in a cage, and says that she can save him...

FishEye and Ami The next day, Ami visits a fish store near the Dead Moon Circus; the cashier (Palla-palla) sells her a tropical fish. That night, Ami stares at the fish in the tank and falls asleep; she wakes to see her mother kissing another man, and saying that her daughter studies too much. The mirror shows her father, who rejects her childhood love; then she sees Usagi, Chibiusa, and Mamoru, who laugh together. Fish Eye climbs out of the tank, saying that Ami's been so lonely... in the mirror, Ami leans eagerly up to Fish Eye for a kiss...

Ami screams denial and runs, calling Usagi on her communicator. Lemures dive at her, covering her... she feels as if she's drowning, and gives up fighting. Suddenly, a little voice calls her name, waking her. It's her Sailor guardian, who convinces her to remember her true dream - to become a senshi and protect others. Ami transforms into a more powerful version of Sailormercury, and grips the Mercury Harp. She destroys the lemures and the mirror. Sailormoon and Sailorchibimoon appear in their normal-size forms, and destroy Fish Eye. Elios appears and addresses Sailormoon; Chibiusa is hurt that she isn't the one Elios is looking for, and she runs away.

Act 35: Dream 3: Mars Dream

Insecure and alone, Chibiusa is running. Elios appears and kisses her, becoming human as he does so, and tells her to be strong, and not to cry. He fades away as the others arrive, and his spirit rejoins his body in Neherenia's cage.

TigerEye and Rei Rei is not having a good day; her archery is off, and her grandfather is sick. The team decides to investigate the Dead Moon Circus, and they visit. Rei enters the mirror house, not seeing the doors close after her. Mamoru and the other girls go into the big tent for the main show, and the openings into the tent seal themselves.

In the mirror house, Rei sees the image of a younger Rei. Young Rei says that she wants to be free of her duties and obligations and live her own life... in the mirror, Rei reaches greedily for Tiger's Eye. With a cry of "Evil Spirit, Begone!" Rei throws a slip of paper at the mirror, and the images disappear; a tiger sits dazed, the paper on its forehead. Rei tries to transform, and Palla-palla fills her with doubt; Rei collapses unconscious on the floor.

Rei wakes slowly, with two small sprites kneeling before her. The sprites are Phobos and Deimos, who tell her that the others are hypnotized inside the main tent. They give her a heart crystal and she transforms. With "Mars Flame Sniper!" she kills the tiger and shatters all the mirrors, and the rest of the team emerges dazedly from the main tent. Palla-palla squeals in frustration.

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