Manga Summaries

Volume 1 Dark Kingdom Blue Mercury
Volume 2 Dark Kingdom
Volume 3 Dark Kingdom
Volume 4 Dark Kingdom / Black Moon
Volume 5 Black Moon / Chibiusa Enikki 1
Volume 6 Black Moon
Volume 7 Black Moon / Death Busters
Volume 8 Death Busters
Volume 9 Death Busters
Volume 10 Death Busters / Enikki 2
Volume 11 Kaguya-hime no Koibito / Casablanca Memory
Volume 12 Dead Moon Circus
Volume 13 Dead Moon Circus / Exam Battles
Volume 14 Dead Moon Circus
Volume 15 Dead Moon Circus / Enikki 3
Volume 16 Chaos
Volume 17 Chaos / Enikki 4
Volume 18 Chaos

As of now, detailed translations are available for tankoubon volume 1 only. The others will follow slowly, as I have the time and inclination to do them. The summaries for the Infinity arc (Death Busters) are really long and detailed, because they're my favorite part of the series and I couldn't bear to leave anything out. Sorry for the inconvenience.

These are only summaries. For detailed manga translations, email Alex Glover; for an illustrated retelling of the tale, visit Ascension Dream.

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