Sailormoon Volume 15

Act 41: "Dream 8: Dead Moon Dream"

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The senshi cry out in horror as Usagi and Mamoru's bodies fall bleeding to the ground; everyone's bodies start disintegrating, and they are lost in fear and anguish. Suddenly, Mamoru slaps everyone awake and tells them to resist the nightmares. The senshi nod in agreement and combine their power; they strike Zirconia to the ground, and chase her into the tent. She runs into the black mirror and Usagi follows her; the other senshi cannot get through the mirror. Usagi encounters Neherenia, who throws glass shards at her. Usagi retaliates, and frees Saturn and Chibimoon; they strike out at Neherenia, but they only break glass as Neherenia disappears.

The other senshi break the mirror; cracks appear in Neherenia's face. Saturn picks up the four balls that hold the Amazoness Quartet; the three of them leap through the mirror frame and join the others. They all follow the Dead Moon folk to Elysion; a black mirror appears, with Neherenia inside it. Neherenia says that during the Silver Millenium, she laid a curse on Usagi; she holds out a hand. Usagi's brooch shatters, the Silver Crystal flies into Neherenia's hand, and Usagi's sailor fuku vanishes. Usagi and Mamoru double over and cough out blood; Neherenia cackles that she finally has everything. Usagi and Mamoru turn to one another and kiss; as they do, light glows around them, the Silver Crystal vanishes, and Usagi's sailor fuku reappears around her body.

Light gathers around Usagi's hands, and she holds her hands above her head. The light expands; the senshi are suddenly wearing their princess dresses, and the cats join them in human form. The senshi's sailor guardians appear, and tell them to call on their castles. They do, and give their powers to Usagi; a winged chalice appears between her hands. Feathers fly, and Usagi appears in a ribboned, winged sailor fuku. Diana stares, wide-eyed, and hails her as Eternal Sailormoon.

Act 42: "Dream 9: Earth and Moon Dream"

Royal Family

Usagi calls on the power of the Silver Crystal; it unfolds into a flower. The senshi and Mamoru send her the power of their crystals, and Usagi points her wand at Neherenia. As the blast hits her, Neherenia shrivels into a wizened old woman. As she is sucked into the black mirror, she reaches longingly towards Mamoru... Usagi seals her inside, and the cage vanishes from around Elios.

The sun peeks out from behind the moon, and the city awakens. People sit up in the streets, rubbing their eyes; the sun shines down brightly. In Elysion, the pegasus' body fades to reveal Elios, lying still on the ground. Chibiusa kisses him gently; her crystal glimmers, and he opens his eyes. Elysion has recovered from the curse, and its land is green and beautiful and sparkling with health.

Elios attaches Mamoru's Golden Crystal to the top of a staff, and gives it to Mamoru; Mamoru and Usagi appear in the clothing of King Endymion and Queen Serenity. They point their staffs at the mirror; the evil is drawn from the mirror, and they throw it into the sun. The other senshi kneel before them, regal in their princess gowns. Hotaru holds out the balls containing the Amazoness Quartet; Usagi shines the Silver Crystal over them, and the four girls emerge in sailor suits. They introduce themselves as Sailors Ceres, Pallas, Juno, and Vesta, the Asteroid Senshi; their purpose is to protect Chibimoon in the future. Apparently they'd been bespelled by the Dead Moon, but are free now.

When the team is back at Ichinohashi Park, Elios says goodbye to them and that he eagerly looks forward to seeing Chibiusa in the future. Usagi smiles, at peace with herself.

Side Story: Chibiusa Enikki / Chibiusa's Picture Diary

This is a cute, funny side story, with almost no relation to the ongoing plot.

One day, Ikuko-mama gives Usagi and Chibiusa a lot of candy. The next day, Ami tells the girls that they both have cavities; Ikuko says that Kenji-papa will take them to the dentist's the next day. Chibiusa is resigned, but Usagi warns her that the dentist's office is a horrible place...

Chibimoon They go to the Juuban dentist just as two children walk out crying; after seeing the dentist pull a tooth using a piece of string and a closing door, Usagi and Chibiusa run out screaming. Kenji uses sweets to bribe them to go to the dentist's on the next day.

That night, a spirit decides that she wants more cavities; she focuses her energy on the Juuban dentistry building. The next day, the news is full of the new dentist's office with the attractive dentists and assistants; Minako decides to accompany them. Upon setting eyes on the incredibly attractive staff, all four of them say dazedly that they'd like to be patients. Usagi, Minako, and Kenji fall asleep in the waiting room while Chibiusa is called in; she sits in the dentist's chair, and it locks her in place. The staff approaches her with hideously large and threatening instruments, saying that they'll make all of her teeth cavity-filled; Chibiusa screams.

Diana rushes in and sets her free; she transforms, but the dentist and his assistant throw pudding and cake at her, and she's distracted. Diana wakes up Usagi and Minako, and they transform. Together with Chibiusa, they banish the evil spirit from the dentist's office, and the original dentist appears. He pulls the offending teeth out, healing them.

Later, Ikuko has just the healthy food for her girls - raw vegetables and dried fish. Chibiusa cringes.

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