Sailormoon Volume 17

Okay, I know that the Starlights are female. But they look male, and I refer to them as such because it's less confusing to me. Just keep in mind that Takeuchi-sensei always meant them to be female; it's not my fault that their disguises are so convincing, now is it? <grin>

Act 46: Stars 4

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Kakyuu (for that was the princess) reunites with her Starlights, and it turns out that Chibi-chibi can transform into Sailorchibichibi. Meanwhile, Nyanko transforms into Sailor Tin Nyanko, and attacks the cats; they denounce her. Diana appears, and joins her parents. Tin Nyanko strikes out at them, and they lose their power of speech; the Starlights and Chibi-chibi join her, and Seiya drives Tin Nyanko away.

Usagi, the cats, and Chibi-chibi visit the Starlights' condo; there, Kakyuu introduces herself politely as the Kinmoku kingdom princess. She calls on Usagi to defeat Galaxia and save the universe, and promises that she and the Kinmoku Starlights will aid Usagi in this. As the day draws to a close, the Three Lights explain things to Usagi. Apparently, starseeds were the source of life; sailor crystals were special starseeds, chosen to defend planets. Usagi begins to cry as she realizes how alone she is, and how important the battle she faces... Yaten and Taiki take Chibi-chibi from the room, and Seiya takes her hand, promising to protect her. He kisses her gently and offers to walk her home; she refuses politely and leaves with Chibi-chibi. He watches her leave, thinking that their stations are too different; she might not return his love.

Usagi takes Chibi-chibi to the park, and smiles as she watches the little girl play. A sailor crystal falls to the ground; Usagi hands it back to the long-haired woman who'd dropped it. The woman regards her and comments on her strong sailor crystal; she steps back and summons a whirlwind of energy. Usagi stares as the woman's power grows immense, and realizes with a start that this might be the Galaxia that Kakyuu had spoken of...

Act 47: Stars 5

Kakyuu, Usagi, Chibi-chibi, and the Starlights The woman laughs as her power starts tearing down the city; Usagi holds Chibi-chibi tightly and calls out to the outer senshi. She receives no answer, and realizes that their sailor crystals must have been taken. She summons the chalice of all the senshi's power and shouts to the woman that her friends will gather, and they'll all defend the planet together. The woman asks if she's sure of the future; can it be changed? The chalice fades away. She taps Usagi's forehead, and Usagi falls back. Chibi-chibi glares at the woman. The chalice reappears, shining; the buildings come back together, and the city heals. The woman's face is surprised and shocked as she disappears; the Three Lights arrive and are amazed at the healing power of Usagi's Silver Crystal.

Galaxia remembers, long ago, how Chaos offered her power... Tin Nyanko kneels before Galaxia and apologizes; Galaxia shrugs that trash cannot be made into a star. The bracelets unclasp from Tin Nyanko's wrists, and she screams as her body dissolves.

Usagi is determined to fight Galaxia; she leaves the cats in her mother's care. She, Kakyuu, the Starlights, and Chibi-chibi sprout wings and fly to the castles of the outer senshi; all the castles are empty and dusty. At Charon Castle, she sets off a visual playback of Galaxia taking Setsuna's and Hotaru's crystals; realizing that the outer senshi are gone, she tells Kakyuu to take her to Zero Star of Sagittarius, where Galaxia rules.

Act 48: Stars 6

Lethe and Mnemosyne There is a sudden flash of light, and Usagi, Chibi-chibi, Kakyuu, and the Starlights find themselves in a desert. A cloaked figure stands by a boat; she introduces herself as Lethe, ferryman of the desert river. They board the boat; as they set off, the sands turn to liquid and they sink.

Usagi opens her eyes dazedly and sees Lethe holding Luna, Artemis, and Diana. Lethe tells her that she should be alone; Usagi feels her memories slipping away. Lethe raises her arm; she's wearing one of Galaxia's bracelets. She tells Usagi that memories have no value; only power matters. She destroys the three cats with one blast. In the future, Chibiusa clutches her chest with sudden pain and realizes that something has happened to Diana. Calling on the Sailor Quartet, she takes the space-time key and the five of them go to the past.

Lethe raises her arm again to kill Usagi... but Mnemosyne stops her. She calls Usagi Sailormoon, and the golden moon shines on Usagi's forehead as her memories return. Usagi wakes up Chibi-chibi, and the two of them bring Kakyuu and the Starlights to the surface. Mnemosyne rouses Kakyuu. Before anything can be done, two more Anima Maids (Phi and Chi) appear; they attack Lethe and Mnemosyne, and the two girls clasp hands as their bracelets fall off. Their bodies disintegrate, even as they call each other's names.

Chibi-chibi protects Usagi from the next blast of power, but the three unconscious Starlights have no protection. Their bodies disappear, leaving their three sailor crystals shining in space; Phi and Chi seize them and vanish.

Side Story: Chibiusa Enikki / Chibiusa's Picture Diary

This is a cute, funny side story, with almost no relation to the ongoing plot. It's titled "Story of the Hammer Price Shrine."

Chibiusa has invited a couple of her friends to go shopping; she introduces Hotaru to Naruru and Ruruna. They start fighting over Chibiusa, but she stalls them by asking where they're headed.

Chibimoon The girls go to a pawnshop, where Naruru and Ruruna show off their knowledge of brand names. They also exult over finding a set of sailor suits. Hotaru is pretty disgusted with them, especially when they pull out their fathers' gold cards to pay for their purchases. The storeowner seemed happy to see them; he's short and rather tubby. The next day, they return to see land developers bullying the storeowner for his land. They shake a piece of paper at him, saying that he's signed a contract; trucks crash into the shop, and cracks appear in the walls. A spirit floats out of the cracked walls and possesses Hotaru. The spirit threatens anyone who disturbs her rest; Chibiusa and Usagi transform, ready to fight.

Before they can do anything, however, Ruruna and Naruru appear in their sailor suits and kick the land developers down. The spirit (and Hotaru's body) floats into the storehouse, creating a vortex that sucks everyone in; Ruruna and Naruru squeal as they're pulled towards the pawnshop. Suddenly, a net catches them back; the storeowner appears in a mask and cape. He declares that he's Tubby Kamen and calls for Sailormoon and Chibimoon to defeat the spirit. They attack it, and it leaves Hotaru's body; Naruru and Ruruna take advantage of the moment to tear up the land developers' contract.

It all ends happily, of course. The storeowner develops Hammer Price Shrine, a huge pawnshop, and Ruruna and Naruru are regular customers.

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