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  • How old is Chibi-Usa at the end of the manga series?
    She's 902. No, I didn't pull this number out of nowhere... see, somewhere in the middle of the Infinity arc, the second installment of Chibiusa's picture diary was published. There, they celebrated Chibiusa's birthday; apparently she was just turning 902. As Ian informed me, she's still 902 when her fourth picture diary turns up in the middle of the Stars arc, which is close enough to the end of the manga series.

  • Speaking of age, are Usagi and Mamoru married immediately after Galaxia is defeated? I was curious because if they were, Usagi would still only be sixteen, and that seems kinda young... still, Japanese customs could be different but I was wondering...
    I'm not well versed on Japanese customs, but I think they'd agree that 16 is still a little young for marriage. No, Usagi and Mamoru aren't married until the Crystal Palace is built; in the last installment of the manga, the spires of the Crystal Palace are shown just before they are standing in the chapel. Plus, in those moments, Usagi tells Mamoru that she feels Chibiusa inside her. Since Chibiusa wasn't born until Usagi was 22, that means that they were married when Usagi was about 21.

  • The gaurdian cats are killed by Sailor Lethe! Do they revive in the traditional BSSM fashion, or do they really stay dead? Yaten
    I'm betting that they are reborn, just like all the other senshi of the planetary system. Besides, Diana is still alive in the 30th century (remember, she was there to greet the senshi when they came to defeat the Black Moon), and the fact that Diana's alive means that Luna and Artemis had to be reborn too in order to give birth to her. It's like the Starlight senshi and all the Anima Maids' planetary guardians - you sort of have to assume that Usagi was able to revive them along with the rest of the senshi who'd had their sailor crystals taken.

  • When the Amazoness Quartet turn into Sailor Senshi, how does Chibi-Moon summon them? Do they just appear randomly or does she need to pray or something?
    The only time that the Sailor Quartet appeared (aside from the whole Dead Moon Circus thing) was when she first transformed in the 30th century. So I'll assume (from lack of any other source on which to base it) that they blink into existence when she cries "Pink Moon Crystal Power, Make up!" and transforms from Princess Lady Serenity to Sailorchibimoon.

  • Where does Haruka keep her helicopter?
    I haven't a clue, and the manga doesn't specify a location. She does own an entire apartment building, though, so I assume that she keeps the Tenou Maru on the roof - or maybe she even parks it in the middle of the lawn. She's certainly rich enough to keep it wherever she pleases... ^_^

  • If Saturn is the Soldier of Rebirth, and she revived after destroying Mistress9, wouldn't that mean that she would resurect every time she was killed?
    Seiya Not necessarily. You see, she didn't revive herself. It was the power of the Silver Crystal, wielded by Usagi, that gave her rebirth. I would guess that Hotaru's title as the "Soldier of Rebirth" just means that she opens the way for Usagi (and Usagi's ginzuishou) to reincarnate everyone. After all, you can't be reborn 'till you've died. Saturn herself cannot reincarnate anything - but she can kill things like a pro.

    Moreover, it seems that Hotaru's title doesn't even have anything to do with "rebirth." Ian says: "Sailor Saturn, in the original Japanese, has never been called the "saisei no senshi," the "soldier of rebirth." This "soldier of rebirth" concept was started by somebody mistranslating Sailor Saturn's most common phrase, "hametsu to tanjo~ no senshi," the "soldier of ruin (or "destruction," if your prefer that connotation, but I use "ruin" to make a distinction between this title and the title given to Sailor Galaxia) and birth." The term "tanjo~bi," for instance means "birthday." Though "rebirth" and "birth" mean similar things in English, in Japanese, they are quite different. In other words, these terms aren't interchangeable. I sure wouldn't be celebrating my "saiseibi" on the seventh of every year."

  • What are the Senshi's henshin phrases when they transform into StarSailors?
    By "StarSailors," I'll assume that you mean the senshi while they're in the Stars arc. Answer: They don't have any power-ups, so they use the same henshin phrase that they acquired in the Dream arc, i.e. "Jupiter Crystal Power, Make up!" In the Stars arc, they don't have a chance to get new powers and henshin phrases; they're too busy getting killed off.

    However, they do use a henshin phrase with "star" in it, i.e. "Jupiter Star Power, Make up!" in the Black Moon arc.

  • On your attack chart, you said that "Awaken!! Princess!!" was succesful in reviving Sailor Moon. However, when I looked at the actual comic, they shot all this energy at Mettalia but it was deflected and killed all them. Later, Sailor Moon wakes up and says that Mamoru's watch helped take the sword blow for her and Luna points out that the Silver Crystal encased around her was healing her. It doesn't seem like Awaken!! Princess!! was succesful. Are you sure it wasn't because of the crystal?
    Umino Actually, it's because of both of them. Just before they attack, Venus holds up her pen and says something to the effect that sacrificing her pen meant giving up her life, but that she was ready... and the other senshi agreed. So basically they knew that this attack was going to kill them, but they did it regardless because they had a chance of saving the princess.

    It worked because in the next panel over or so, Serenity opens her eyes. The watch did help take the sword blow, but I don't think it stopped it completely... the sword did go pretty far in. The senshi didn't revive Sailormoon, but they did "awaken" her enough to get her own natural powers working to save her. So all of these things combined - Mamoru's watch, the Silver Crystal, and the senshi's call - helped to revive Usagi.

    Or, at least, that's the way I interpret it... ^_^

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