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  • How old is everyone at the end of the series? I always thought Usagi was 16 and Chibi-Usa was 11 and Haruka was something like 18 but I dunno...
    Ami-chan You're right, except about Chibiusa. Chibiusa is 902. (See AQ page two.) Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto, and Minako are all 16 at the end. Mamoru is somewhere around 19 or 20. Haruka and Michiru were 16 when Usagi-tachi met them, so they'd be 17 or 18 by the series' end. Nobody knows how old Setsuna is, and Hotaru died, was reborn, then grew a few years in the blink of an eye, so I won't even try to speculate about her.

    Ian adds: "This is not an easy question to answer. We do know for sure that Usagi, Rei, and Ami are all fourteen at the point when they first meet in the manga. We only know that Minako is 13 in the Codename Sailor V cycle of the entire saga. All five girls are around fourteen by the time they all meet up. Mamoru is stated, in the manga and Materials Collection, that he's around seventeen or eighteen. Nothing is exact. The Materials Collection states that Haruka and Michiru are 16 when we first meet them. They're probably around seventeen when the manga storyline ends. That Materials Collection states that Sailor Pluto has been watching over the Space-Time Door for thousands of years. Setsuna, in act 27, states that she's a "freshman in science." It's tempting to think that she's only eighteen, but there's a problem. She also states that she's got a "major in theoretical physics" which indicates that she's older than eighteen. In the Materials Collection, Hotaru is said to have an "appearance is of a 12-year-old" when we first meet her. The manga tells us that she's in 6th grade at that time. By the end of the manga, Hotaru has been Hotaru for more than twelve years. Physically, unfortunately, there is no way to tell how old she is then."

  • Are the heights in the anime different than in the manga? It seems it because according to the anime, Makoto is 5'6'' while Rei is 5'4''. In the manga, there certainly seems to a greater difference in height.
    I'm not well versed in the anime, and the manga doesn't give specific measurements - but Makoto is a good half-a-head taller than the others. Rei, Usagi, Ami, and Minako all seem the same height to me. But Ian Miller, who is much more knowledgeable than I, gave me so much height information that I had to put it on its own page.

  • Who's YOUR favorite Sailor Senshi? Who's your least favorite? Yaten
    ^_^ Thanks for asking! Well, assuming that Mamoru doesn't count, my favorites are Haruka and Rei. (Yes, I tend to like the arrogant ones.) My least favorite is Hotaru. I don't hate her, but I don't particularly like her either. Although I have the utmost sympathy for what she went through, I think that she was still too happy afterwards. Chibiusa at least showed signs of stress. If you'd like to know what other people think of the senshi, visit the Playing Favorites section.

  • Did Rei and Mamoru ever go out in the manga??
    Nope. Never. I have no idea where the anime got this idea. Mamoru never went out with anyone except Usagi. Rei doesn't even like boys very much, a fact which really surprised Minako. ^_^ This could be partially due to her bad experiences with Kaidou-kun, who you can read about in Rei's minor characters section.

  • Who is Sailor Cosmos? Is she Usagi in the future, or a future descendent of Usagi?
    Cosmos is the ultimate form of Sailormoon... she was running from "Sailor Chaos," the ultimate enemy. You know it's Usagi because, as Cosmos, she remembers the decisive moment, back at the Cauldron - when she could have stopped all the wars, by destroying the Cauldron and giving no more stars the chance to be born. As Cosmos, she acted differently from the original Usagi and had little hope 'cause... well, people change as they get older - especially if they have to suffer through a long, costly war. But the Usagi of the present reminded her of hope and faith, and she was able to rediscover that strength within herself.

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