Lesser Evils

These ... um ... "people" play enough of a role that they shouldn't be left out.

Zircon Zircon is Zirconia's tool. A winged eyeball, he perches atop her staff, and obeys her commands. He has powers; he shoots destructive beams, and encloses the Amazoness Quartet into balls when they seemed about to turn to the other side. He does not speak, and his general purpose seems to be to flutter around and create an ominous atmosphere.

Xenotime and Zeolite Xenotime and Zeolite are two almost-identical circus performers with the Dead Moon. Their talent lies in knives; they can throw them with deadly accuracy.

They decide to go further than the Amazon Trio by actually taking out the senshi, not just stealing their dreams. They target Minako, who by this point is the only one who can't transform, and scout her for an idol audition. Seeing the Dead Moon logo, she knows it is a trap - but goes anyway. Sure enough, lemures attack her.

After a long fight (too long to put here! See manga summaries for volumes 13 and 14), Artemis gives her her heart crystal, and she is able to transform. She destroys Xenotime with "Venus Love and Beauty Shock!" When Zeolite tries to retaliate, she takes him out with her chain of hearts.

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