Sailormoon Volume 14

Act 39: "Dream 6: New Soldier Dream"

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It's been half a year since Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna began raising Hotaru. Hotaru is growing incredibly fast; she is now a cute little child who can read difficult books. One day, Sailorsaturn appears and awakens her; suddenly, she grows to young girlhood. She hands the older senshi their heart crystals, saying that it's time for them to fight again.

Minako hangs from the tower; suddenly, Artemis in human form draws her up. He gives her her heart crystal; she transforms and destroys Xenotime and Zeolite. Palla-palla encloses the senshi in vines, and lemures swarm over them. The outer senshi arrive and transform; they rescue the inner senshi, but the Amazoness Quartet keep attacking.

Saturn calls Chibiusa. Usagi is coughing; she stumbles out of the house and into Mamoru's arms. In the streets, unnatural darkness floods everything; Sailormoon, Tuxedo Kamen, and Sailorchibimoon join the other senshi. Zirconia holds out her staff; Zircon flies from it, and a beam of energy hits Usagi and Mamoru. They shrink, rapidly becoming younger; soon there are two babies coughing in the folds of their clothing. The girls of the Amazoness Quartet laugh and run; Chibiusa and Hotaru chase them. Elios appears near the coughing babies. The jewel on his forehead flashes brightly; the pegasus and the two babies disappear.

Chibiusa and Hotaru face the Amazoness Quartet; Hotaru tells the girls to wake up, that they're being tricked. Hotaru holds out a hand; Jun-jun reaches towards it, but Zirconia intrudes and closes the Amazoness Quartet into four balls. Then she sucks Chibiusa and Hotaru into two shards of glass, and shoves all six objects into the dark mirror. They fall to the ground at Queen Neherenia's feet, and she chuckles with satisfaction.

Act 40: "Dream 7: Elysion Dream"


Usagi wakes from a dream to find herself and Mamoru in a wasteland, with black roses dotting the ground; Elios whispers for them to be quiet, so as not to alert Neherenia. He tells them that they're in Elysion, but the former paradise was devastated by Neherenia's curse, and that the black roses were a sign of the contamination. Elysion was the Golden Kingdom, once ruled by Prince Endymion; its purpose was to guard Earth. Elios tells Usagi and Mamoru that they need the Golden Crystal, Mamoru's crystal, to save Elysion.

Usagi sees the Pegasus in a cage, and runs to it; she sets off Neherenia's alarms, and Neherenia appears in Elysion's shrine. Elios hastily throws a shield around Usagi and Mamoru and tosses them into the real world, telling them to protect the planet together. Usagi and Mamoru reappear, surprising the senshi, and transform.

They immediately start coughing again; dense foliage has grown all over the city, giving it the hot humidity of a jungle. With the last of his strength, Elios spreads crystal over the jungle; the heat drops, and the air becomes normal. His body merges with Mamoru's, and then fades away; as he disappears, he whispers that he was glad to have met the Prince and the small maiden.

Zirconia emerges from the building, crowing that now Elysion's guardian is finally gone. She grows huge, looming over the senshi; a wave of energy shoots out from her body. One beam strikes straight through Mamoru's chest; another beam takes out Usagi. The senshi call their names in horror as they fall limply to the ground, bleeding.

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