Sailormoon Volume 1

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Act 1: Usagi / Sailormoon

Tsukino Usagi, an ordinary underachieving schoolgirl with a rather unique hairstyle, meets a talking cat on her way to school. The cat's name is Luna, and after some fast talking, Luna convinces Usagi to take a brooch and shout "Moon Prism Power, Make Up!" After these words, Usagi finds out to her amazement that she can transform into the fighter for justice, Sailormoon. She discovers that some mysterious enemy has been distributing energy-draining jewelry to innocent people, and that her best friend Naru is in trouble. As Sailormoon, she jumps into the fray and manages to rescue and heal everybody. During the course of events, she also runs into a sardonic high school boy in the street (Chiba Mamoru), and hears some encouraging words from a mysterious man in a mask, cape, and top hat...

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Act 2: Ami / Sailormercury

Mizuno Ami

According to Luna, Usagi's mission is to find her allies and protect the princess. When Usagi goes to school the next day, the students are buzzing with talk of the genius girl Mizuno Ami. Usagi later sees Ami cuddling Luna, and the girls become friends. It turns out that the shy and demure Ami is a student at the exclusive cram school, the Crystal Seminar. The Crystal Seminar becomes extremely popular, but Usagi and Luna find out that it's really another energy-draining ploy of the mysterious enemies - and that Ami is among the intended victims. As Sailormoon, Usagi bursts into the Seminar and challenges the teacher, who turns out to be a demonic creation. The mysterious masked man (Tuxedo Kamen) helps her defeat the teacher and rescue Ami (among others). This was a lucky thing, because Ami turned out to be Sailormercury, senshi of the waters, and an ally to Sailormoon.

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Hino Rei

Act 3: Rei / Sailormars

Queen Beryl is displeased with General Jadeite, who is failing to gather enough energy. (Jaedite was behind the ploys in Acts 1 and 2.) Jadeite promises that he'll try his best this time. He kidnaps a bus full of students every time it reaches the Sendai Hill bus stop at six o'clock.

Ami and Usagi notice that an extremely beautiful and clairvoyant young priestess lives at the shrine on Sendai Hill. This is Hino Rei, a student of an exclusive private school. Usagi makes friends with her, after a little incident involving Rei's crows. However, Rei gets too close to Jadeite, and he lures her onto the bus. Usagi sees her being taken away, and lunges for the bus, hanging on as it travels into Jadeite's pocket dimension. Ami joins her there, and they awaken Rei. They discover that Rei is actually Sailormars, senshi of fire - and with her newfound powers, she burns Jadeite to a fine crisp.

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Act 4: Masquerade / Kamenbutoukai (The Masked Ball)

Dance General Nephrite takes over when Jadeite is killed; besides acquiring energy, Queen Beryl wishes him to get the legendary Silver Crystal. Luna tells the girls that they also need to look for this Crystal. At the same time, Princess D of the legendary D Kingdom announces that she will hold a ball where she will unveil the mysterious treasure of the D Kingdom. Nephrite and the girls immediately wonder if this treasure could be the Silver Crystal.

The girls dress up and attend the ball. To her delight, Usagi gets to dance with the handsome Tuxedo Kamen. At that point, Nephrite decides to take over Princess D's body. The little Princess D turns into a maniacal creature, grabbing the treasure chest and running around yelling at people. With the help of Tuxedo Kamen, Sailormoon and the senshi are able to drive Nephrite's spirit away from the girl, but they also discover that the D Kingdom treasure is nothing more than a diamond statue - not the Silver Crystal. Usagi gets slightly drunk, and Tuxedo Kamen kisses her - but then, when Luna tries to determine whether he's a friend or an enemy, he tells her only that he, too, is after the Silver Crystal.

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Act 5: Makoto / Sailorjupiter

Kino Makoto

An extremely tall and strong girl transfers to Usagi's school; she saves Usagi twice, and Usagi finds out that she's a really good cook. Her name is Kino Makoto, and Usagi quickly befriends her.

Meanwhile, Nephrite tries the tactic of the "ghost bride" - a mannequin that hypnotizes men and drains the energy from women. The "ghost bride" hypnotizes Motoki, Usagi's older friend. Motoki proposes to Makoto, and begins to drain energy from her. Tuxedo Kamen alerts Sailormoon, and the senshi are able to break the spell. It is revealed that Makoto is actually Sailorjupiter, senshi of storms. Out of anger, Makoto destroys the ghost bride. Nephrite shows up when his spell is broken; Sailorjupiter tears him apart with a burst of lightning.

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