Sailormoon Volume 2

Act 6: Tuxedo Kamen / Tuxedo Mask

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Chiba Mamoru has been having dreams where a woman calls for him to find the Silver Crystal. One morning, Tuxedo Kamen publishes a newspaper article asking for information on the Silver Crystal. Japan goes into a panic as people try to find out more about this legendary crystal; Luna reveals to the girls that the Silver Crystal is a source of immeasurable power. General Zoicite takes advantage of the chaos by posing as Professor Izono, an expert on the crystal. He goes on TV and hypnotizes millions, sucking their energy away. The girls are staggered by his attack, and Usagi falls to the ground in a faint. Tuxedo Kamen revives her and spurs her to action. The senshi confront Zoicite, but he disappears. Sailormoon directs her energy at the world, and the people revive even as she faints again. Tuxedo Kamen kisses her fondly, saying that she did well; as he picks her up and carries her away, his star-shaped watch falls into her skirt, and its glass cover cracks.

Usagi wakes up in an unfamiliar bed, from a dream in which a man comforted her. As she sits up, the broken watch falls to her lap; she absently puts it into her pocket. The door opens, and a man steps in. "Awake?" he asks. He is wearing Tuxedo Kamen's outfit ... and has Chiba Mamoru's face.

Act 7: Chiba Mamoru / Tuxedo Mask

Chiba Mamoru

With surprise, Usagi realizes that she's in Mamoru's apartment, and that Mamoru is actually Tuxedo Kamen. He reveals that he'd lost his parents and his memory in a car accident as a child, and that his dreams tell him to pursue the Silver Crystal to regain his memory. Meanwhile, Zoicite is studying Sailormoon; he and Beryl hypothesize that Sailormoon either uses the Silver Crystal or knows where to get it. He tries a new ploy; he opens a store ("Rental Shop Dark") that sells videos packed with subliminal messages.

When Usagi heals the hypnotized customers, Zoicite appears and grabs her. Tuxedo Kamen and the other senshi are powerless to rescue her. As Zoicite is about to kill Sailormoon, someone who looks eerily like Sailor V - with a crescent moon on her forehead - appears out of nowhere and destroys him.

Act 8: Minako / Sailor V

Aino Minako Sailor V - or Sailorvenus - reveals that she's actually the Princess that the girls were supposed to protect, and tells the girls about their previous lives. In reality, she is Aino Minako, an eighth-grade girl just like the others. Usagi bumps into Mamoru, and tries to give him back his watch; he tells her to keep it, and that he still has her handkerchief. They make a trade, but Luna is worried that Usagi's getting too attracted to this guy.

Kunzite is now in charge of operations, and he cuts power to all of Tokyo. The senshi appear and challenge him, and he knocks Sailormoon out of the sky. Tuxedo Kamen catches her, and she kisses him and tells him to go somewhere else where it's safe. Kunzite attacks again; Usagi, thinking that she has to protect the princess, encloses Minako and the other senshi in a sphere of energy, getting them out of the way. Kunzite sends a beam of energy straight for Usagi, and the senshi are helpless to prevent it. Tuxedo Kamen, however, is free. "This time," he thinks, "I won't fail her!" He leaps between her and the attack, and it hits him full-on.

Act 9: Serenity / Princess

Princess Usagi's tiara shatters, revealing a crescent moon on her forehead. At the same time, the moon on Sailorvenus' forehead disappears, replaced by an ordinary tiara. A jolt strikes through all the girls. The glass shatters away from the broken watch, and it suddenly begins ticking again ... and the girls suddenly remember their past lives. The senshi remember that they had to protect Princess Serenity. Usagi remembers that she was Princess Serenity of the Moon, and that her lover was Mamoru/Endymion... and that he had died to protect her. A tear falls from her cheek and hangs in the air, glistening and crystallizing. White healing light shines from it and bathes Mamoru's body, and the others recognize it as the Silver Crystal. It had been inside Usagi all along. As the light strikes Kunzite, he too remembers - how he and the other generals had been loyal to Endymion, and how Beryl had subverted them. Before he can do anything about his new memories, Beryl puts him under her spell again. He shoots out a beam of light and steals Mamoru's body.

Later, the girls discuss their newfound memories while Usagi grieves over Mamoru. However, they are at a loss as to what to do next. Luna tells them that they have to go to the place where all the secrets began - that they have to go to the Moon.

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