Sailormoon Volume 3

Act 10: Moon / Tsuki

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The girls gather their strength and go to the moon; Usagi is wearing the Silver Crystal on a chain around her neck. They find the ruins of the ancient Moon Castle, and Minako pulls an old sword out of the stone of the palace ground. Where the sword was, a small hologram appears. It is the spirit of Queen Serenity, mother of Princess Serenity; the woman recognizes the girls. The Queen tells the girls of their past - how the enemy had brought down the Moon Kingdom - and asks Usagi to use the Silver Crystal and seal away the enemy. The image fades away, urging Usagi not to forget that she is a girl as well as a warrior.

When they are back on Earth, Kunzite creates a giant typhoon and hits Tokyo with it. Sailormoon and the senshi stop him and heal the innocent civilians, but the senshi kill Kunzite before Usagi can find out any information about Mamoru. When Beryl finds out about Kunzite's death, she turns to Mamoru's corpse and infuses it with dark energy, bringing it to life (or some semblance thereof). Tuxedo Kamen is now Queen Beryl's minion; his eyes are completely black with evil.

Act 11: Saikai (Meeting Again) / Endymion

Evil Chiba Mamoru

Tuxedo Kamen vaporizes Motoki's friend Endou. He then hypnotizes Motoki into believing that he's actually Endou. Motoki introduces "Endou" to Usagi, but Rei thinks that "Endou" is bad news and tells Usagi to stay away from him. "Endou" hypnotizes Makoto, and she lets him into the command center. Minako tries to defend Usagi and manages to bring Motoki and Makoto to their senses, but Usagi cannot make herself fight Tuxedo Kamen. It is not until Minako and Luna are struck down that she transforms, and by then, he has possession of the Silver Crystal. Beryl appears, and the senshi find out that he is Beryl's puppet; they also find out that Beryl is working for Queen Metallia. Minako kills Beryl with one thrust of the Moon Blade. Minako then faints, and Tuxedo Kamen grabs her body and the sword and disappears into another dimension. Usagi follows.

While the other senshi are busy following, he grabs Usagi by the neck and demands the secret to the Silver Crystal. Usagi is stunned that her love is trying to kill her and is unable to respond. The other senshi appear, but so does Metallia. Tuxedo Kamen is very strong, and none of their attacks even faze him. Usagi flies up to him, and slashes him with the sword. His eyes clear, and he reaches out for her even as blood sprays from his chest. She kisses him deeply, and then thrusts the sword into her own heart.

Act 12: Ketsusen (Decisive Battle) / Reincarnation

True love Minako watches in stunned horror as their bodies fall to the ground. The Silver Crystal rises into the air above them, and then seals the two bodies inside a spire of crystal. Metallia, laughing in triumph, surges above them, exulting that at last she's free; her form swallows them up. The girls attack her, but she merely absorbs the energy. The senshi retreat to join Luna and Artemis in the command center. Minako decides to sacrifice her life in order that Usagi may awaken; the other girls follow her lead. There is an explosion, and when the smoke clears, the four senshi are sprawled dead on the ground.

Usagi opens her eyes and shakes off memory-dreams of her past life. She reaches for the crystal, and it opens up like a flower. She calls on its power, transporting out of Metallia's body... and brings Tuxedo Kamen to life. However, when he opens his eyes, they are black; he is blind. He feels inside his jacket and brings forth four stones; concentrating, he evokes the spirits of his four generals. Kunzite tells him that Metallia's weak point is its forehead, and Mamoru relays this information to Usagi.

Buoyed by his faith in her, Usagi stands up tall and proud, facing Metallia. "I am Sailormoon," she cries, "and Princess Serenity. With the strength of the Moon, I will seal you away!"

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