Sailormoon Volume 4

Act 13: Shiyuuketsu soshite hajimari / Petit étranger
(Ending and Beginning / Little Stranger)

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Usagi calls on the full power of the Silver Crystal, buffered by Luna's prayers. Usagi aims the light of the Crystal at the spot on Metallia's forehead, killing her. Usagi, her strength depleted, falls to the ground, and her brooch shatters. Mamoru finds her body by touch and picks her up, kissing her tenderly. As he raises his head, his eyes clear, and he can see. Laughing and crying with relief, they hold each other tightly.

Usagi hears Luna calling her to the Moon. Upon arrival, Luna gives her a new brooch; she puts the Silver Crystal inside it. With the words "Moon Crystal Power, Make Up!" she transforms into Sailormoon. With her newfound power, she heals the Earth... and brings her friends back to life. Everything seems good until Rei sees Rubeus' face in the fire. While Usagi and Mamoru are meeting in the park, a pink-haired little girl falls on Usagi's head. She points a gun at Usagi and demands the Silver Crystal.

Act 14: Black Moon Cooan / Sailormars


After giving Usagi and Mamoru a scare, the homesick little girl (Chibiusa) proceeds to hypnotize the Tsukino family into accepting her. However, she refuses to reveal who she is, where she's from, or how she knew that Usagi had the Silver Crystal. Meanwhile, the people of the Black Moon gather and toast the fact that they're about to remake history.

Makoto introduces her young friend Asanuma to the group; he turns out to be an acquaintance of Kotono, a student at Rei's school who is interested in the supernatural. Rei volunteers to do a fortune-telling booth at the school festival, but another student Kurotsuki Cooan, sets up a fortune-telling booth as well. Cooan's fortunes send the festival into a panic as she predicts painful, immediate death for everybody. As Sailormars, Rei challenges her. Cooan traps Rei with fire; although Sailormoon arrives and kills Cooan, Rubeus appears and takes Rei away.

Act 15: Black Moon Beruche / Sailormercury

Ami/Beruche The senshi turn and see Chibiusa; Usagi notices that Chibiusa has a Silver Crystal lookalike hanging on her neck next to a key. She wildly accuses Chibiusa of being in league with the enemy; hurt, Chibiusa wanders over to Mamoru's place and sleeps there. Mamoru gives her a Tuxedo Kamen doll to comfort her; Usagi is a little jealous. Meanwhile, Kotono and Asanuma are worried about Rei's disappearance.

Ami finds that a dowser who calls herself Miss Beruche is challenging her to a chess game; she accepts. When Ami meets Beruche, the other woman smiles and addresses her as Sailormercury. Ami transforms to fight her, but Beruche traps her with water so that she's unable to fight. Sailormoon destroys Beruche, but Rubeus appears once more and takes Sailormercury away as well.

Act 16: Black Moon Petz / Sailorjupiter

Petz/Jupiter Chibiusa goes into Usagi's room in the morning and finds her crying over losing Mars and Mercury; she tried to cheer her up by giving her the Tuxedo Kamen doll. Chibiusa follows Usagi to the game center, and it turns out that she's adept at the Sailor V game. Makoto joins them, coughing, and predicting storms. She also speculates that the people of the Black Moon are really after Chibiusa, and that there's something the little girl is hiding. The conversation turns to how they can recover Ami and Rei, and Asanuma eavesdrops.

The others leave Makoto alone in the shop, and she starts coughing her lungs out. Asanuma, concerned, helps her get home. Once there, he asks her what kind of people she and Mamoru and Usagi are, and wonders if they are human. Makoto sets him straight, and he expresses his wish to be strong to protect her. She smiles at him, and kisses his forehead. After he leaves, Makoto faints. She revives at the feel of hands on her neck; she opens her eyes and sees her duplicate strangling her. Transforming, she throws it aside and goes to confront Petz. Petz surrounds her with electricity, and even though Petz is then destroyed by Sailormoon, Rubeus is able to claim Sailorjupiter as well.

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