Sailormoon Volume 5

Act 17: Black Moon Calaveras / Sailorvenus

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The senshi find Petz's black earring in a crater; the cats take it to the lab to test it. When Chibiusa sees the earring, she screams in fear. Meanwhile, on the planet Nemesis, there is dissension in the Black Moon ranks. Safire wants to tread carefully, while Rubeus and Prince Diamaund are quite happy with the way things are going. The argument is settled by Wiseman, who supports Prince Diamaund. Rubeus calls Calaveras to action.

Calaveras poses as a channeler, saying that she can contact dead people's spirits. She spreads Black Moon propaganda; Minako sees this as a challenge and bursts into Calaveras' channeling session as Sailorvenus. At the same time, Rubeus is attacking Usagi, Mamoru, and Chibiusa; Usagi cannot defend herself because Chibiusa has hold of her brooch. Mamoru hears a mental voice telling him what to do. He yells, "Tuxedo la Smoking Bomber!" and Rubeus is hurt. He disappears, and Usagi grabs her brooch back. They make it to the channeling session in time to save Sailorvenus. Usagi then faces Chibiusa, asking why she took the brooch. Chibiusa babbles about past and future Silver Crystals, then begs Sailormoon to save the future Earth... of the 30th century.

Act 18: Time Warp / Sailorpluto


Sailormoon, Sailorvenus, and Tuxedo Kamen realize that Chibiusa is from the future, and they offer to help. Chibiusa demurs, and they take her to Mamoru's house, where he comforts her and she falls asleep. Usagi begins to speak of how jealous she is of Chibiusa, then stops, thinking that she ought to be concentrating on how to rescue the other senshi. Mamoru gazes at her, thinking that he never wants to lose her, that he wants to protect her forever... he enfolds her in his embrace and lowers her to the floor, kissing her tenderly...

A little later, Chibiusa wakes up and decides to go to the future. She uses the key on her necklace to move them through time and space. Safire feels the disturbance, and Esmeraude sends Kiral and Akiral to intercept the time travelers. Meanwhile, the senshi see a door in the middle of space-time, and move towards it. A woman steps in front of the door, calling herself Sailorpluto, and forbids them to enter. She then attacks them, but Chibiusa stops her and gains Sailorpluto's permission to go through the door to the 30th century.

They have barely enough time to look around before they are attacked by Kiral and Akiral. Sailormoon tries to attack them, but her powers don't work; Tuxedo Kamen and Sailorvenus blow them apart. Chibiusa leads them into the Crystal Palace, where they see the unconscious body of a woman who looks very much like Usagi. Chibiusa joyfully greets a small gray kitten, calling it Diana. From behind a curtain steps a man who looks very much like Mamoru, dressed in lavendar. He is also rather transparent.

Act 19: Crystal Tokyo / King Endymion

Neo-King Endymion Chibiusa hails him as her father, and he introduces himself as the spirit of King Endymion, Tuxedo Kamen's future self. Usagi and Mamoru realize rather bemusedly that Chibiusa is their daughter. Neo-king Endymion explains that Crystal Tokyo had been attacked and defeated, and that only Chibiusa remained able to act. She'd gone back in time, looking for the legendary Sailormoon. He also tells them all that he knows about the Black Moon, and commands Pluto to give Usagi a space-time key. They return, and land in a heap at the park, with Chibiusa at the bottom. Mamoru instantly reaches for the little girl, asking if she's all right. Usagi is suddenly hurt, and she accuses him of caring for Chibiusa more than anything and runs off.

Mamoru wakes the next morning to find Chibiusa gone; he contacts Minako and Usagi, but they hadn't seen her either. They surmise that she must have gone back to the future. Indeed, she has; as she is walking away from visiting her mother's body, Esmeraude appears before her and tries to grab her. Sailormoon, Sailorvenus, and Tuxedo Kamen use the space-time key and get there just in time; Minako saves Chibiusa, and Mamoru destroys Esmeraude. Diamaund appears, and shoots a beam of energy at them. Mamoru pulls Chibiusa out of harm's way and Minako ducks, but the blast hits Usagi directly. Mamoru shouts her name as her body fades away.

Side Story: Chibiusa Enikki / Chibiusa's Picture Diary

This is a cute, funny side story, with almost no relation to the ongoing plot.

Chibimoon It's Chibiusa's first day of school. She makes friends and puts up with a certain amount of teasing about her name and her pink hair; her seatmate becomes her best friend, Momohara Momoko. She also becomes friends with the teasing boy, Sarashina Kyusuke, who proudly displays a Sailor V pin on his shirt. And there's also Lyrica, the pale, fragile daughter of the U Country ambassador, who seems to be popular among the boys. When Chibiusa goes home and reports on her day, Shingo notes that the U Country embassy has the reputation of being a ghost house.

The next day, the boy who had walked Lyrica home the previous day was absent. Another boy disappears the next day. The day after that, Kyusuke and Chibiusa are looking for Lyrica. They see her in the garden, eating a flower. Chibiusa shares the story with the senshi, and Makoto concludes calmly that Lyrica must be a vampire. The next day, Lyrica is absent, and Chibiusa and Momoko are chosen to take some papers to her house. Chibiusa had chewed garlic ahead of time, because garlic drove vampires away (Makoto's bright idea). Still, the girls are obviously scared, and Kyusuke and Sorano volunteer to accompany them.

It's a good thing they did, because Lyrica's family really were vampires and Lyrica's mother tried to drink Momoko's blood. Sailormoon and Sailor V come to the rescue, and Chibiusa does her part by breathing in the vampire's face and shouting, "Garlic Attack!" They vanquish the vampires, and Usagi makes a Sailormoon pin for Chibiusa to wear.

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