Sailormoon Volume 6

Act 20: Nemesis / Sakusou (Complication)

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Usagi wakes from a dream in which a grown-up Chibiusa was holding Mamoru, and realizes that she is lying on an unfamiliar bed; she also has a headache. Diamaund appears and tells her that she is on the planet Nemesis. Then he tells her how he's always longed for Neo Queen Serenity, and kisses her. She screams and shoves him away. She grabs her brooch and tries to transform - but she cannot. The power of the Evil Black Crystal is too strong, and the people of the Black Moon laugh at her. Meanwhile, Chibiusa wanders around alone, missing Usagi. She runs through the space-time gate, but drops her key; in a moment, she is hopelessly lost. A cloaked figure (Wiseman) appears before her and offers to help her; she takes his hand. Mamoru goes into the space-time warp after Chibiusa.

Usagi sees Safire working with the Evil Black Crystal; Safire convinces himself that everything is Usagi's fault, and starts to strangle her. Usagi suddenly feels power; she transforms to Sailormoon. She wakes up Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter, and they join her on the surface; the castle starts to tremble and disintegrate. Rubeus turns to run; Wiseman promptly kills him, and Usagi uses Pluto's space-time key to transport the senshi away an instant before the castle crumbles into ruins.

Mamoru is still wandering around space-time, calling for Chibiusa. A shadowy woman with pointed odango and the black moon on her forehead reaches out to him. "Here I am..." she smiles. He takes her hand.

Act 21: Nemesis / Anyaku (Secret Maneuvering)

Mamoru under thrall

The senshi stand with Pluto by the space-time gate, wondering how to get Mamoru and Chibiusa back. Meanwhile, the Black Lady joins Wiseman and they hypnotize Diamaund and Safire. The Black Lady shows off a hypnotized Tuxedo Kamen, and promises to get the Silver Crystal of the past for Wiseman. Pluto sends the senshi back into the past, where they rest and gather their energy.

They return to the future, and find the Black Lady in the throne room. They look at her, realizing that she is Chibiusa, suddenly grown and completely evil. The Black Lady tries to steal Usagi's brooch, but the Silver Crystal shines out and prevents her from doing so. The Black Lady says that they can't keep her out forever, and that as the heir to the Silver Crystal, she will have it for Nemesis.

Act 22: Kougeki (Attack) / Black Lady

Mamoru under thrall They call to the Small Lady, hoping to wake her up, but it's no use. The Black Lady summons Mamoru, and he attacks Sailormoon. She falls back, but gathers the power of the Silver Crystal around her. The Wiseman tells the Black Lady to use the crystal; Diamaund wakes up and asks in horror if the Wiseman means to destroy the world. He lashes out at Safire and the Wiseman. The Wiseman's body disintegrates, but his laughter continues as black clouds swirl angrily in the sky. Everyone stares in horror as the Black Lady announces that the Wiseman and the planet Nemesis are one and the same. "Endymion!" she cries, gesturing at Mamoru; he reaches forward and tears Usagi's brooch from her chest. She falls backwards in shock and pain, her forced transformation crumpling her helplessly onto the ground. The Black Lady holds up the Silver Crystal of the past in triumph.

Diana relieves Pluto at the Time Portal, and the senshi of time joins them as Diamaund grabs the two crystals. He begins to touch them together, ignoring the Black Lady's cries that he would destroy the world...

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