Sailormoon Volume 7

Act 23: Saisei (Rebirth) / Never Ending

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Pluto shouts for time to stop, giving up her life to save everyone else. Diamaund freezes in place, caught by her power; Usagi takes the crystals from him. Pluto's death breaks the spell on the Black Lady, and she becomes Sailorchibimoon - finally able to transform, but not soon enough to save her only friend. Usagi transforms into Sailormoon. By combining their powers, she, Chibimoon, and Tuxedo Kamen blast Nemesis into nothing.

Neo King Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity emerge from the palace, smiling; Chibiusa runs into their arms. Around them, the city of Crystal Tokyo begins to heal and awaken. The Neo Queen gives the senshi stronger powers, and gives her past self a new brooch. Then they bid goodbye to one another, and Usagi and the others return to their proper time. Usagi hugs Chibiusa, saying that she'll miss her; she and Mamoru say goodbye to Chibiusa at the park, and the little girl disappears. Elsewhere, Kotono, Motoki, and Asanuma greet their friends with relieved tears. Usagi and Mamoru kiss tenderly.

Chibiusa falls out of the sky, landing on Usagi's head. "I'm back!" she sings. She hands Usagi a letter from the Neo Queen, which asks Usagi to take care of the little girl for a while. Usagi is caught between relieved joy and complete annoyance.

Act 24: "Mugen 1: Yokan" (Infinity 1: Premonition)

Kaioh Michiru

Rei and Mamoru awake from a dream in which a great voice was calling for the coming of the ruin, and the three talismans of the guiding light. That morning, the news is full of the recent happenings at the private Mugen Gakuen (Infinity) School, where eyewitnesses said that the girls attending the school suddenly changed into monsters. Usagi is late meeting Mamoru; Mamoru is still worried about the dream of danger he'd had. Usagi is also worried that this period of peace will be short, but resolves to do her duty.

At the arcade, Usagi tries out a new racing game; she crashes her car. Beside her, a blond young man (Haruka) plays the same game but sets the fastest time on record, drawing a huge audience. He takes off his helmet and compliments Usagi on her racing. Just outside, Mamoru bumps into Michiru and she drops her mirror. Picking it up, she admires the color of his eyes and asks if he were a prince in a past life. Haruka joins her, grinning at Usagi and suggesting that they race again. As the pair walk away, Michiru notices that Haruka's made another friend; Haruka shrugs and says that odango atama is a cute kid.

Naru says that Haruka and Michiru wear the uniform of Mugen Gakuen, the private school inside the Mugen district delta off Tokyo Bay. Apparently, Mugen Gakuen is called a genius school because of all the talented athletes and musicians that attend. Picking up a newspaper, Naru notices that Haruka is actually a professional racer.

Tenoh Haruka Two girls with the Mugen Gakuen uniform walk by, and one of them suddenly doubles over and a daimon emerges from her back. Usagi and the senshi defeat it, and the girl recovers; Haruka and Michiru watch them from a distance. Later, Mamoru promises to take Chibiusa to the new Mugen C amusement park; Usagi whines, but Mamoru reminds her that she'll be investigating the Mugen school nearby.

Since her plans with the daimons were defeated, Magus Kaolinite instructs the Witches 5 to eliminate the Sailor senshi.

At the Mugen school, all of the girls feel something wrong with the building. Usagi transforms into a Mugen Gakuen student and walks inside; she is drawn by the sound of music and follows the sound to Michiru's violin playing. Seeing Usagi, Michiru stops playing and warns her that she is in danger. Meanwhile, Chibiusa chases a wind-tossed hat to a place called "Tomoe Research Labs;" just in front of the labs, a short-haired girl in Mugen Gakuen uniform is crouched on the ground, coughing. Chibiusa tries to help, but the girl warns her that the area is off limits. Usagi reaches the spot just as a huge black daimon comes around the corner, lunging at Chibiusa.

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