Sailormoon Volume 8

Act 25: "Mugen 2: Hamon" (Infinity 2: Ripples)

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Usagi and Chibiusa transform and protect the girl; in return, the girl heals a scratch on Chibiusa's arm with a touch, binding it with her handkerchief. They introduce themselves; the girl's name is Tomoe Hotaru. Hotaru walks into the research building coughing; she refuses Kaolinite's help, and her father Professor Tomoe reproves her. Tomoe gives her an amulet, and her pain subsides. While the girls wonder if Haruka and Michiru are enemies, Kaolinite ponders the power of Silver Crystal and calls for the talismans. Haruka doubts their mission, and Michiru says steadily that they will have all three talismans.

Michiru bumps into Mamoru, and gives him two tickets to her violin concert. Haruka approaches Usagi, but the other girls warn him away. Rei is absent, and it turns out that she's purifying herself on Mount M. Coincidentally, the Mugen Gakuen students are also camping out there... Since it is Rei's 15th birthday, the girls sneak up there and surprise her. They then spy on the Mugen Gakuen, and Haruka sees them and challenges Makoto to a judo match. He beats her soundly, but then defends their presence to Eudial.

Later that night, Rei and Makoto surprise Eudial while she's hypnotizing young Mugen Gakuen students; she attacks them, but Sailormoon destroys her. The senshi are left wondering who the "Death Busters" are...

Act 26: "Mugen 3: Futari / New Soldiers" (Infinity 3: Two New Soldiers)

Usagi and Haruka

The girls see a tall senshi running away; Usagi chases, but the senshi runs like the wind and Usagi is forced to give up. When she stops, the blonde woman appears and warns her not to follow; she kisses Usagi on the lips and disappears. Later that night, Haruka appears in Usagi's dream. As he kisses her, he becomes the blond senshi and whispers that she has to get the talismans... The next morning, Usagi feels ashamed of her dream; she sees Mamoru looking at posters advertising Michiru's concert and wonders how Mamoru sees the pretty violinist. Later, Haruka gives her tickets to the concert.

The girls discover that the famous Hanyu Mimi is giving a concert for Mugen Gakuen students at the same time and place that Michiru is playing. Usagi says that they can use her tickets to get in. Meanwhile, Mimete promises Kaolinite that she will get souls for Master Pharoah 90. Chibiusa goes to Hotaru's house to return the handkerchief; the girls become friends, and Chibiusa uses her power to heal Hotaru's pain. When Chibiusa is ready to leave, Haruka and Michiru come by in a helicopter and convey her to Usagi's house. Michiru shows Chibiusa her mirror, saying that it's a talisman.

Mamoru and Chibiusa get to the concert at the same time as the girls; as they listen to Michiru perform, Minako disguises herself as a Mugen Gakuen student and sneaks into Hanyu Mimi's concert. She finds the singer hypnotizing the students; Minako transforms and wakes them up. Hanyu Mimi becomes Mimete and challenges Sailorvenus; daimons burst forth and menace the senshi as they arrive. Suddenly, someone cries "Deep Submerge!" and the daimons explode; another voice calls out "World Shaking!" and Mimete is torn apart. Sailorneptune of the sea and Sailoruranus of the wind appear, and stand before the startled senshi.

Act 27: "Mugen 4: Sailoruranus / Tenoh Haruka; Sailorneptune / Kaioh Michiru"

The two senshi introduce themselves and greet Chibiusa; Rei asks them if they know anything about talismans and the coming ruin, but Haruka says that they have no intention of fighting alongside the inner senshi. The girls and Mamoru insist on information; Haruka and Michiru attack them and knock them unconscious.

Usagi and Mamoru wake from a dream in which a shadowy figure stood on a pillar - the god of ruin. Rei reflects that three talismans are needed to bring about the ruin; if Michiru has the mirror, where are the other two?

Usagi is waiting in the park for Mamoru; Haruka appears behind her and she asks him what he wants, and whether he's a man or a woman. He asks if it's really all that important, and tilts her face up close to his. "Usa!" Mamoru cries; Haruka smiles enigmatically and disappears. Mamoru asks if Haruka did anything to her; she shakes her head, and tears gather in the corners of her eyes. Mamoru holds her, his eyes angry.

Usagi and Mamoru At Mamoru's apartment, the two of them have coffee and sit in an awkward silence. Chibiusa bursts in and asks them to help her make a chalice for school. As Mamoru gathers materials, Chibiusa turns to Usagi and asks innocently if she's cheated on Mamo-chan. Usagi is caught off-guard, wondering if that's what Mamoru thinks. They absorb themselves in making the chalice; when it's finally done, Usagi and Mamoru find that Chibiusa's fallen asleep. They turn to each other, and Usagi apologizes about being with Haruka; she admits that she was jealous of Michiru. Mamoru says that he was also jealous, and they kiss and make up. From under the covers, Chibiusa and Diana grin triumphantly at each other.

After midterm scholarship tests, Ami gets full marks. However, she notices that another student's name is above hers: Bidou Yui, of the Mugen Prep School. Ami decides to apply for Mugen Gakuen, and meets Yui at the entrance exams. Telling the other girls that she'll be careful, Ami goes to Mugen Gakuen. As she wanders through the halls, a camera on the wall focuses on her. Shattering the camera lens with a pen, Ami rushes past a "No Entry" sign into a laboratory where daimons are being held in cages. Suddenly, Viluy grabs her shoulder, saying that she'll take Ami's soul. Haruka and Michiru appear out of nowhere, saying that they're interested in this operation. The hypnotized students grab them as well, and all three of them are dragged to a classroom where more students are being hypnotized.

Ami calls the other senshi with her communicator and leaps out the window; she transforms and lands in the outside pool. Haruka and Michiru also free themselves and transform, saying to each other that they can't stay at school anymore. Viluy comes after her and traps her; Sailoruranus summons her own talisman, the Space Sword. She slices neatly through Viluy, freeing Ami; then she and Neptune disappear.

Motoki meets Reika at KO University, but she's busy. He runs into another young woman, with dark skin and long green-tinted hair. She introduces herself as Meiou Setsuna, a physics student.

Act 26: "Mugen 5: Sailorpluto / Meioh Setsuna"

At Setsuna's lab, the group is studying the Delta area. They're puzzled by the abnormal readings there; it seems as if space is distorting. Reika and Motoki admire the plants in Setsuna's room. Meanwhile, Professor Tomoe and Kaolinite report to Pharaoh 90; he is displeased with their performance, and tells them to get rid of the senshi immediately. Kaolinite summons Tellu, who swears to get the souls of the senshi.

Hotaru Chibiusa decides to give her chalice to Hotaru. Hotaru is attacked by a fit of pain as she walks down the halls of Mugen Gakuen; as she falls to her knees, her belongings scatter across the ground. Two girls walk by and taunt her. Hotaru glares at them, a strange light in her eyes; she picks up her pencil case and crushes it in one hand. The girls retreat, saying to each other that it seemed almost as if Hotaru was another person. At the greenhouse, someone recommends the tellurian flower to Makoto; apparently, the tellurian flourished without care, and was provided by Mugen Gakuen. She puts one in her apartment. Because it's raining, Usagi decides to go with Chibiusa to Hotaru's. Hotaru is surprised that Chibiusa would want to give her a gift, and then feels pain again; by touching Chibiusa's Silver Crystal, she feels better. Hotaru also feels a voice talking inside her head, wanting Chibiusa's Silver Crystal; she is afraid...

In Makoto's apartment, Minako arrives to find that the tellurian has bloomed. Makoto is dozing off, and many of her plants are dead. Minako wakes her up; Makoto slices the tellurian, and gases fill the air. The senshi determine to visit the Mugen botanical gardens and get to the bottom of this. When they enter the gardens, the fragrance of tellurians is thick in the air...

The tellurian is in full bloom; Setsuna is sprawled on the floor, moaning. A jolt goes through Michiru and Haruka and they realize that their ally is in trouble. Setsuna grits her teeth and whispers that she can't die yet; that she was reborn for a purpose... the three of them are suddenly together, the sigils of their planets glowing on their foreheads; outside, Mamoru starts, thinking that something has awakened.

The inner senshi shake off the spell of the tellurians and challenge Tellu; before she can seriously hurt them, a voice calls out, "Dead Scream!" Tellu disintegrates, and Chibiusa whirls to face the familiar voice. Her eyes widen as she sees Sailorpluto holding the Garnet Rod, standing with Sailoruranus and Sailorneptune.

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