Sailormoon Volume 9

Act 29: "Mugen 6: 3 Senshi"

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Chibiusa runs to Setsuna, who greets her fondly and calls her Small Lady. Meanwhile, Haruka and Michiru try to convince the other senshi that their help is not needed - that they should stay out of things while the outer senshi use their talismans and stronger powers to expel the alien Death Busters. They say that their mission is to bury the god of ruin.

Hotaru was supposed to meet Chibiusa at a movie theater, but she was running late; her father had installed new wires into her body. She flexes the new parts in her arm, not knowing that Chibiusa was watching at the window. Chibiusa stares, wide-eyed, then runs; Hotaru has no strength to go after her. Instead, the dark-haired girl slumps to the floor and remembers how she'd almost died with her mother in a fire... but then her father had rebuilt her body, keeping her alive. Hotaru thinks bitterly that she'd never wanted her friend to know that she was half-machine, and cries out that her forehead hurts, like something is trying to burst out of her body...

Cyprine shatters the glass at Haruka's apartment; Haruka transforms and calls Setsuna and Michiru. The three outer senshi face Cyprine inside the Mugen zone; the inner senshi decide to go help them. Usagi lashes out at Cyprine, but the witch splits in two; her double calls herself Pucherol. The doubled witches cast a spell... and the inner senshi and the outer senshi turn fiercely on one another. Usagi, Mamoru, and Chibiusa stand by in horror as the inner senshi and the outer senshi try to destroy each other, their eyes crazy with anger. Usagi turns to Mamoru and Chibiusa, joining their hands together. "We can't fight," she says. "Make our souls as one..."

Act 30: "Mugen 7: Henshin (Transformation) / Super Sailormoon"

Outer senshi

Usagi glows brightly, and the chalice appears atop their joined hands; the senshi stop fighting one another and turn to face her. "Make our souls as one..." she repeats, calling her senshi. The talismans begin to resonate, and the three outer senshi touch them together. The four inner senshi hold their hands out, giving up their power as well. The chalice opens, and Usagi tips the chalice back and drinks pure light. "Crisis!" she cries. "Make up!" In a flurry of wings, she transforms to Super Sailormoon, and everyone's brooches change into hearts. Usagi points to Cyprine / Pucherol and shouts an attack; they are torn apart in a flash. Meanwhile, Hotaru screams in pain as something seems to tear through her head.

The outer senshi realize that they must tell Usagi the truth, because they work best together. They return to Haruka's apartment, and Michiru tells them of Sailorsaturn, the bringer of death and the end of the world. It is the gathering of the three talismans that summons Sailorsaturn, and they are determined that this must not happen. Michiru's mirror shows the face of Sailorsaturn, and Chibiusa gasps as she recognizes Hotaru. Coldly, Haruka announces that they intend to kill Hotaru; this way, Sailorsaturn will be sealed away forever. Usagi cries out that they can't kill her; Michiru says that they must, which is why they cannot work together. The outer senshi disappear with a flash, and Chibiusa runs frantically for Hotaru.

Hotaru looks up at Sailorchibimoon, a strange light in her eyes. She reaches out, and tears Chibiusa's brooch from her chest. Chibiusa falls back unconscious, reverting to her normal clothes; Mamoru catches her. Hotaru stands up, cackling, her hair growing incredibly long around her. She cries triumphantly to Master Pharaoh 90 that she now has the Silver Crystal, and that she's finally awakened.

Usagi calls frantically out to Chibiusa, but the little girl's body is cold.

Act 31: "Mugen 8: Infinite Labyrinth 1"

Lost soul Chibiusa's heart has stopped; Haruka says that the Death Busters stole her soul, and that they truly must kill Hotaru now. She asks Usagi which she wants to save: Chibiusa and the rest of the world, or the small girl Hotaru?

Mamoru takes Chibiusa's body to his apartment, and uses his healing power to keep her alive; he kisses Usagi and tells her not to give up. Meanwhile, Mistress 9 has fully taken over Hotaru's body; she orders Kaolinite to eliminate the senshi, and then uses Chibiusa's Silver Crystal to funnel energy to Master Pharoah 90. Inside her, however, Hotaru is fighting back.

Kaolinite places a curse on Usagi and the inner senshi; unknowing, they approach the Mugen zone. As they enter the building, Cyprine and Pucherol welcome them in. Rei encounters Eudial, who kicks her down and says that she shouldn't be a senshi... Viluy encloses Ami in vines, saying that Ami needs more time to learn... Mimete gives Minako a microphone, reminding her that her dream was to be an idol... Tellu brings Makoto into a garden, and reminds her that she's always wanted to just be in a rose garden with someone she loves... Usagi stares around wildly as she sees everyone she loves reject her. Back in his apartment, Mamoru's head jerks up. "Usa!" he cries. "You're being tricked! Usa!"

Somehow, she hears him, and blasts out at the hallucinations; they disappear. The outer senshi burst into the building, destroying the enemies and freeing the girls from the spell. The eight senshi gather in a circle, joining their hands in the center; the chalice appears and Usagi powers up to Super Sailormoon. They face Kaolinite, who has mutated into a daimon; Usagi blasts her away.

Mistress 9 draws deeply on the power of the Silver Crystal. On Mamoru's bed, Chibiusa's body glows brightly.

Act 31: "Mugen 9: Infinite Labyrinth 2"

Hotaru As Mistress 9 gives Master Pharoah 90 more of the Silver Crystal, Chibiusa's body glows more fiercely, and she begins to tremble. Suddenly, Mistress 9 feels a sense of vertigo. From inside, Hotaru fights her; she is determined not to let Mistress 9 use the Silver Crystal.

Chibiusa's spirit floats in the emptiness, scared and lonely. Hotaru calls her name; suddenly, Chibiusa sees her Silver Crystal. She cuddles up against it, basking in its warmth; Hotaru holds her tenderly. Mistress 9 gasps, unable to call on the full power of the Silver Crystal; Mamoru stares at Chibiusa's healthy body and wonders if somebody is protecting Chibiusa's spirit.

The senshi can't find anyone in the building, so they split up; the inner senshi decide to work their way down, while Usagi and the outer senshi take the elevator down to the basement and work their way up. In the basement, Tomoe chortles, mad with power; he is determined to create the superhuman, and he sees himself as a god. Usagi and the outer senshi pile into his laboratory; daimons are flanking him, but they destroy them. Tomoe mutates into a huge daimon; Usagi is reluctant to attack it, since it was also Hotaru's father. Uranus has no such scruples, and attacks; however, Tomoe-daimon knocks her aside, hard. "Uranus!" Usagi screams, and finally destroys what used to be Professor Tomoe.

There is an explosion above, and the four inner senshi are thrown into the air. Usagi and the outer senshi float up to ground level. They come to a glass enclosure; from inside, Mistress 9 regards them and laughs evilly.

"Is that... Hotaru-chan?" Usagi asks disbelievingly.

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