Sailormoon Volume 10

Act 33: "Mugen 10: Mugendai" (Infinity 10: Infinity)

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All around them, space is distorting; suddenly, the Mugen Gakuen building rips apart. Mistress 9's enclosure soars into the air, along with four spheres; in each sphere lies the limp body of an inner senshi. Usagi cries their names frantically, but she can't get near them. Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto sense an earthquake of enormouse proportions approaching; they fly to the top of their respective buildings and create a force field, vowing to protect the planet.

Mistress 9 sneers at their efforts, and reaches towards the inner senshi; she takes away their souls and lets their bodies collapse on the ground. Inside Mistress 9, Hotaru grabs the four souls and does not let them go. Holding the four souls of the inner senshi, as well as Chibiusa's spirit and the Silver Crystal, Hotaru pulls free of her body. She returns the souls of the inner senshi to their proper bodies, and restores Chibiusa's spirit and her Silver Crystal. Saying only that she was glad they became friends, Hotaru smiles and fades away.

Chibiusa and Mamoru transform and join Usagi; the senshi combine their powers, and create two chalices. Meanwhile, Mistress 9 had mutated into a huge monster, contained only by the force field set by the outer senshi. Chibiusa and Usagi both power up to Super forms. They and the other senshi attack, to no avail; the monster just gets bigger.

Mistress 9/Sailorsaturn The outer senshi run out of strength, and their talismans drop from tired hands. The force field falls; the inner senshi collapse on the rooftops near the outer senshi. Usagi is the only one with any remaining strength. She summons up the chalice of power, and begins to fall directly into the monster. Mamoru asks her what she's doing; she responds serenely that she'll open up the chalice, once she's inside the enemy.

As Usagi falls, the talismans glow; the outer senshi hold them up. Usagi hits the blackness, and there is an explosion of light. Out of the light comes a senshi, with short dark hair, a tall glaive, and the sigil of Saturn on her forehead. The other senshi stare, wondering if Sailormoon is dead, if this is now the end of the world... Sailorsaturn looks measuringly at them, and reflects that events have gone somewhat wrong. She stabs the blackness with her glaive, and it moans in pain. Sailorsaturn says dispassionately that this wasn't supposed to happen, that she wasn't supposed to have awakened... but now that she is awake, she must bring down the silence glaive and end the world.

She raises the glaive high. "Death Reborn Revolution!" she cries. The wailing monster rises into the sky. Then Saturn turns, and poises the glaive. Absolute silence descends as she swings the glaive down.

An explosion tears through the city. Sea and wind boil; buildings crumble, and the senshi fall to their knees with despair. Then a speck of light rises from the center of the Mugen zone; it glows brighter and larger, and sweeps away the violence and destruction until they're in a sphere of calm. Inside the sphere of light, Usagi opens her eyes.

Sailorsaturn Sailorsaturn smiles at her, saying that she has the power of rebirth. Pluto raises her staff, closing the door to the other world. The rift to space-time appears, and the monster is drawn in; with a faint smile, Sailorsaturn disappears into the doorway as it closes completely.

Usagi appears in her princess gown, and raises her Moon Rod high. She glows with a healing light; all over the city, people awaken, and buildings are reconstructed. Michiru hears a baby crying, and delves among the ruins to pick up a dark-haired baby girl. The sigil of Saturn glows on her forehead; it's Hotaru, reborn.

Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna decide to raise baby Hotaru themselves; as a promise that they'll return, Michiru gives Chibiusa her mirror. Then the four of them disappear; the inner senshi stare after their fading forms, knowing that they will someday meet again.

Side Story: Chibiusa Enikki / Chibiusa's Picture Diary

This is a cute, funny side story, with almost no relation to the ongoing plot. It's subtitled "A tale of warning on the countdown to Tanabata."

It's June 30th; Usagi and Chibiusa are celebrating their birthdays. Mamoru gives Chibiusa a heart-shaped Sailormoon locket watch. Going to school the next day, Chibiusa notices that the watches are all the rage.

Chibimoon While she and Momoko are preparing for the Tanabata festival, they run into a cloaked figure; the figure tells them the legend behind Tanabata: The weaving girl, Vega, angered God by not working; she was separated from her husband Altair and could only see him once a year. The girls wonder at Vega's situation, and conclude that if they were in that position, they'd look for other guys. (These girls are very practical; they long for guys with financial strength.) According to Ami, Vega and Altair are stars; Theta, Vega, and Epsilon of the constellation Lyra are called the three weaver stars.

On the day of the Tanabata festival, Chibiusa's watch calls her to the park; Diana helps her fight off the compulsion, but Chibiusa decides to investigate anyway. She finds the cloaked figure convincing the gathered girls that they don't need men. Chibiusa transforms and denounces her; the figure throws back the cloak, revealing a sailor fuku and two odangos, crying that since she's Sailormoon, she can't be wrong. Chibiusa peers narrowly at her and says that Sailormoon doesn't have such fat legs; the figure sobs and her disguise melts away to reveal Vega, the weaver girl. Two women approach, and try to convince Vega that Altair doesn't love her; Chibiusa realizes that these two are Theta and Epsilon, and she destroys them. Everyone's watches break, and Altair approaches Vega, proclaiming his love.

The senshi are impressed with Chibiusa's story. Mamoru apologizes for getting Chibiusa an evil watch, and promises to buy her something else. Chibiusa asks blithely for a piece of expensive jewelry, and laughs that she loves having a guy with money.

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