Sailormoon Volume 11

Kaguya-hime no Koibito / Lover of Princess Kaguya

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It's December. A comet is coming towards Earth; inside it is the spirit of Princess Kaguya, who is determined to destroy Earth. Meanwhile, Luna is injured; a kindhearted young man takes her home and bandages her. This young man is Dr. Oozora Kakeru, a specialist in all sorts of space-related sciences and the current expert on the comet Princess Snow Kaguya; his childhood friend is the determined young woman Nayotake Himeko. Both of them dreamt of being astronauts, but only she succeeded. Kakeru was dropped because of a heart condition; he suffers from fits of pain.

Over the next few days, Luna visits Kakeru often; the senshi notice that Luna is acting strange. One night, Kakeru is struck by another fit of pain; Luna brings him medicine. As he sleeps quietly on the sofa, she leans over and touches her mouth to his. Then she turns and runs, thinking that she loves him.

The director suddenly announces that Himeko will be on the lunar mission. She shares the news with Kakeru, and says that she's determined that they go to space together next time. Luna sees them kissing, and runs away.

Luna and Kakeru Kaguya approaches Tokyo. She freezes everything, makes people go to sleep, and claims Kakeru for her own. The senshi appear and return Tokyo to normal, and then chase Kaguya into space and disintegrate her. Usagi sees Luna staring at Kakeru and decides to give her a Christmas present; she uses the Silver Crystal to make Luna human for a night.

Kakeru wakes to find himself in space, with a black-haired woman holding his hand. He sees the crescent moon on his companion's forehead, but before he can say anything, she kisses him sweetly and makes him promise that he'll go to space again. When he opens his eyes in his hospital bed, his health has returned to normal.

Luna returns home, thinking that she's better off as a cat anyway. She arrives to find that Artemis had been waiting for her; they smile at one another and go to the Christmas party together.

Casablanca Memory

Rei and Lilies April 17th is Rei's birthday, and the girls give Rei a music box that plays the "Rain Tree" melody. They also find to their shock that Rei has no interest in boys. Every year, Rei's father takes her out to dinner on her birthday. This year, she goes to dinner with her father and her father's assistant, Kaidou... she remembers that Kaidou had always cared for her, giving her gifts when her father ignored her. He also said he'd never have children, so he would never hurt them as Rei had been hurt...

It's the rainy season. The Rain Tree boxes are all over the place, playing sad melodies... Rei remembers how she'd thought that Kaidou was a kindred spirit, agreeing with her that love only brought pain... but then he'd gotten engaged to another woman. She goes into the Rain Tree restaurant and plays the theme from the movie "Casablanca" on the piano...

Later, Rei smashes a Rain Tree music box, and a spirit flows up from the broken glass. Images suddenly flood her mind... She meets Kaidou in the rain, and confronts him over his engagement... "Your children will be unhappy," she warns. He replies that he won't have any, and she calls him a liar; she admits that if he'd succeeded her father, she would have married him... they lean towards each other, and kiss deeply...

Kaidou/Jaedite and Rei "Katsu!" she screams, holding out a hand. ("Katsu" means "I'll conquer," or "victory," or some such.) The spell dissolves, and all the music boxes shatter. Rei goes to the restaurant to find a woman playing the Rain Tree melody; a huge Rain Tree grows around her, made strong by stolen memories. Rei sees Kaidou's face, and his features melt into Jaedite's. "I will have you," he grins, reaching out for her. Rei banishes the illusions, and strikes out at the woman. "Evil spirit, begone!" she cries, and it disappears.

The senshi finally arrive, having missed all the action. Rei turns to them and says that she doesn't need love - that she has the senshi, her friends and allies. Later that year, the girls are at the pool. Usagi invites Rei for a swim, but Rei is busy accepting drinks from admiring guys. She says with a smile that she'd be quite happy sitting and drinking all day.

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