The Shadows: Villains of Sailormoon

Acts 1 through 13: The Dark Kingdom - shadows of the past. Queen Beryl directed her four generals, Jadeite, Nephrite, Zoicite, and Kunzite, to gain the ginzuishou. With the ginzuishou, they hoped to set Queen Metallia loose on the world. They managed to kill Tuxedo Kamen, and reanimated his corpse; evil Tuxedo Kamen was almost the senshi's undoing.

Acts 13 through 23: The Black Moon - shadows of the future. Prince Diamaund, his brother Safire, another man named Rubeus, and a woman named Esmeraude were called to the planet Nemesis. A shadowy, powerful figure named Wiseman directed them to find the Evil Black Crystal. Determined to rewrite history and wipe out the Neo Moon Kingdom, they utilized the talents of the Ayakashi sisters and other shadowy servants to go back in time and neutralize the Sailor senshi, the future warriors of the Neo Moon Kingdom. A little girl from that time also went back in time to that period to get help; unfortunately, they were able to play on her weaknesses and make her into an almost unstoppable force of evil. Her name was originally Tsukino Chibiusa; after the Black Moon had finished with her, they called her the Black Lady.

Acts 24 through 33: The Death Busters - shadows from without. Far away, a star system was destroyed. Its spirit, Pharaoh 90, is looking for a new place to live. It controls the source of dark power known as the Taioron Crystal - and wants to take over the Earth. Magus Kaolinite and the Witches 5 cooperate with Professor Tomoe Souichi to make daimons to defeat the Sailor senshi. They also try to bring forth Mistress 9, the powerful being who can open the doorway for Pharaoh 90. They try to defeat the Sailor senshi - but come up against more opposition than they expect.

Acts 33 through 42: The Dead Moon - shadows from within. In the darkness within the moon, there ruled a Queen named Nephelenia. She believed that she was the one truly meant to wield the ginzuishou. She inflicted Zirconia, the Amazoness Quartet, the Amazon Trio, lemures, and lesser evils on Earth. They were to steal the senshi's dreams, spread nightmares across the Earth, and gain the ginzuishou when the senshi were weak. But specific balances are being disrupted, and the danger becomes more apparent when both Usagi and Mamoru's bodies are invaded from within...

Acts 43 through 50: Shadow Galactica - enemy of the universe. A metal-clad senshi named Galaxia is systematically taking all the sailor crystals of every living senshi into the Cauldron. She and her Anima Maids work for the ultimate enemy, Chaos - and nothing can stop her.

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